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 Popy Monkey Fruit Saga 1.0.4

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Popy Monkey Fruit Saga is a cherish arcade game! Collect juicy fruits, store them in jungle huts, avoid wild animals - speedy snakes, lizards, spiders, ants, bugs and more. Be quick, collect bananas and use Popy's ninja skills. Please help Popy monkey in this fruity adventure before all candy sweet fruits will be gone from this world. Popy monkey tale is about to begin.

Popy is a brave monkey who has to face a very difficult task. She has to collect all sweet fruits from many lands before they extinct. These fruits must be stored into huts. That task is not easy. Wild animals are living in these lands. They want to hurt her. Popy needs to avoid them at all cost. She is a small ninja monkey who possesses extraordinary powers. She can stop animals by moving walls of grass onto them. Popy has also other ninja skills, so she can speed up walking or activate shield of immunity. When she's angry, she can enter into a berserker mode so wild animals will run away from her. Popy skills has it source in bananas which she receives for completed levels and from extra bonuses. Her ninja skills can be upgraded, so Popy will finish her "saving the fruits" task quicker.

Popy Monkey Fruit Saga is completely free to play! Some in-game items such as bananas will require payment, but don't worry, bananas can be obtained during normal game play and from many bonus levels.

Game features 4 modes:
1. Collect fruits and avoid wild animals.
2. Collect fruits in limited time while moving in a maze - no wild animals this time.
3. Collect fruits, store them in huts and avoid wild animals.
4. Bonus level - collect fruits in limited time and as a reward receive precious bananas.

Other features:
• 5 ninja skills: Shoes, Shield, Berserk, Blade, Chains
• 2 lands: Jungle, Desert and more lands to be added
• 100 levels of amazing mazes
• very juicy fruity graphics
• happy background music

Popy needs your help! Let's help her to save the fruits!

Big Thanks for playing!
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