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What is Porcelain?

For decades, porcelain has graced homes and businesses across the country. Property owners and interior decorators can’t resist its versatility and shine.

Porcelain (pronounced POUR-suh-lihn) is a type of ceramics highly valued for its beauty and strength. It is often called china, or chinaware, because it was first made in China.

Porcelain is characterized by its white, delicate appearance, and translucence (ability to let light through). Because it is the hardest ceramic product, porcelain is used for electrical insulators and laboratory equipment.

However, porcelain is known primarily as a material for high-quality vases and tableware, as well as for figurines and other decorative objects. The type of porcelain that is used for such purposes produces a bell-like ring when struck.

Porcelain differs from other types of ceramics in its ingredients and in the process by which it is produced.

What makes porcelain the ideal food ware?
- Durable Yet Delicate
- durable, beautiful and functional medium
- Ease of Cutting
- Durability

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