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 Power Electronics 1.1

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✴The study of controlling the flow of electrical energy with the help of electronic circuits is defined as Power Electronics.✴

►The subject of Power Electronics is the merger of the field of electrical power system and solid state electronic devices. It is the discipline that involves the study, analysis, and design of circuits that convert electrical energy from one form to another.✦

►The specifications in linear Electronics are Gain and Bandwidth. Whereas the specifications in Power Electronics are Efficiency and Distortion.✦

【Topics Covered in this App are Listed Below】

⇢ Overview

⇢ Switching Devices

⇢ Linear Circuit Elements

⇢ Silicon Controlled Rectifier




⇢ Power Semiconductor Devices Solved Ex

⇢ Pulse Converters

⇢ Effect of Source Inductance

⇢ Performance Parameters

⇢ Reactive Power Control of Converters

⇢ Dual Converters

⇢ Phase Controlled Converters Solved Example

⇢ Choppers

⇢ Control Methods

⇢ Resonant Switching

⇢ DC to DC Converters Solved Example

⇢ Types of Inverters

⇢ Pulse Width Modulation

⇢ Inverters Solved Example

⇢ Single Phase AC Voltage Controllers

⇢ Cycloconverters

⇢ Integral Cycle Control

⇢ Matrix Converters

⇢ AC to DC Converters Solved Example
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