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Power Hero Rangers Attacks Monster have been a staple series in children’s programing for over 18 years now and this past February saw the start of the 19th season with the game.
While the cast has changed multiple times throughout the years, the show’s humour and over-the-top action remains intact today.
In samurai, the evil Master Xandred has returned after centuries of hiding with his minions of Nighloks in the attempt to flood Earth with the waters of the Sanzu River.
While the Rangers take hold of their inherited destiny and set off to put an end to Xandred’s threat of destruction once and for all.
Master Xandred’s mooger minions are abundant attackers throughout each mission.
At first easily defeated with a single blow, as the missions progress they become increasingly difficult: becoming airborne,
firing multiple projectiles, furiously blocking attacks and even found hiding in trees.
By learning to block incoming attacks and mastering air attacks, you’ll quickly gain the necessary skills to eventually face Master xandred.
It’s no easy feat though, as the game has no issue trapping you in sections of each mission where forward progression is blocked and waves of enemies must be defeated before you can resume.
In later missions, these sections find multiple enemies in both the air and on the ground,
as well as floor spikes and other obstacles to avoid, making for challenging battle sequences that offer a significant challenge.
While the challenge is definitely fun for the older fans, we’re afraid that the littlest of Rangers might find the game to be a bit too difficult.
The boss battles also offer up a welcome challenge too: what good is a boss battle if it's not challenging?
While these fights are indeed tough, the symbol power can be used to quickly reduce their health;
only by trying to defeat them without the use of the symbol power will these battles truly become difficult.
Upon defeating a boss, the battle isn’t quite won just yet though, as they’ll morph into giant beast as a last-ditch attempt at victory.
Quickly, the Rangers combine all their powers together and morph into Mega Mode,
allowing you to take control of a megazord to send the giant beast to the grave.
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