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Pre-Med is a medical education app that is made specifically for patient use. Say good-bye to boring hospital info pamphlets; Pre-Med presents thorough yet understandable medical information about your upcoming procedures in an interactive style. With our app, you can:
• Read written information and fast facts about your procedure
• Watch a video about how the procedure works
• Use Memos to write down important stuff like the date/time of your procedure or your doc’s contact info
• Hand your doctor your phone while they’re explaining and let them draw with sCanvas©. They can even take a pic of your X-rays or CT scans etc. and draw right on them!

How it works:

DOCTOR: “Becky, I feel that at this point, your best course of action is to go through with a knee replacement surgery.”

BECKY: “Oh my, doc! I don’t know much about that kind of surgery!”

DOCTOR: “Don’t worry! Here is a Pre-Med card about your surgery. After you scan the QR code within the app, you’ll have access to understandable information, a place to jot down reminders about your procedure, and a cool video that walks you through the surgery. Of course, I am also always here to answer any other questions you may have!”

BECKY: “Thank you so much, Doc!” *scans QR code* *has the best life because of Pre-Med* *you’re welcome, Becky*

Pre-Med’s goal is to keep you informed on the medical procedures you are scheduled for before you have them. Our team at Pre-Med believes that being informed about your own medical realm is extremely important. We embody the idea that you do not need to have a medical degree to understand your medical procedures. Pre-Med is an app for EVERYONE.

We take pride in providing our users with top-quality medical information. Our information is pulled together by our research team and verified by expert physicians who practice in the field of your procedure.

Here at Pre-Med, we want to see a complete abandonment by hospitals and medical practices of complex, wordy, yawn-inducing paper pamphlets/handouts. We want to see more patients actively taking initiative to be informed about what’s happening to them. We hope to see a newfound excitement for the medical field across all age-groups and backgrounds. Pre-Med is the future of patient education.
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