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This is a demo version, only to show how the App present itself. If you like it, you can download the Full version (performing all the calculations and debugged) in the Play Store at named "Pressure losses piping drop". The link is:

Pressure drops calculator, pressure losses calculation.
No advertisement. No additional costs or In-app costs!
Working Offline (once downloaded you don't need Internet because it performs the calculations with its internal logic). Just indicate flow rate, mass density, volumetric flow and geometry.

Calculations are performed for a lot of different cases as typical in the piping solutions. For each case, dedicated calculation formulas have been adopted.
Based on Darcy-Weisbach, numerical calculation and experienced data, this App gives you an immediate pre-definition, foreseen, feedback or countercheck.
The computational outputs relying on teorethical deducted formulas (i.e. circular pipes, rectangular pipes, etc.) have a precision within 0.0023% in respect of Colebrook-White formulas (for Reynold numbers in the range 2500-10^8 and roughness/D in the range 0.00004-0.05).
Other calculations are coming from experimental data, as resumed in the technical literature (e.g. Idel Chik).

You can use this application with great advantage in a lot of circumstances, where you need such a technical information in just a blink. You can also perform calculations of other geometries once you know the resistance coefficient (e.g. deducted from experience) of the specific geometry, throught the last case. The last case can be effectively used also to perform several calculations of a piping arrangement in which you have collected the sum of the resistance coefficient.

In the results page, you have also a "Share" button that collect all the relevant data about the performed calculation and provides you possibility to send a short report via email or other tools (whatsapp, etc).

Unit of measurement system: SI (with some exception due to the state of the art practice).
Distributed pressure losses (circular , rectangular, annular and different shapes pipe)
Concentrated pressure drop (restrictions, enlargements, curves, valves, orifices, head losses, etc)
Calculation trough friction factor, Reynolds numbers,
You can perform calculation for different fluids,
Piping pressure drop in mbar, Pa, bar.
Useful for any technician, students, designers, engineers, hydraulic technicians, aeraulic technicians.

Enjoy it!

Calculator, Liquid, Gases, Water, Oil, Chemical fluids, Air, Steam, Ammonia, Nitrogen, Oxigen, Carbon dioxide, Hydrocarbons, and a lot of other chemical substances.

1. Before installing the Full Version, we suggest that you remove the demo version, in such a way you don't make confusion among them (same icon)

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