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If you're prone to migraine headaches, you'll most likely do anything to stave off an attack.

Many of the medications that work for people who suffer from migraines are associated with some unfortunate side effects, and may compromise the sufferer's ability to perform every day functions

What Makes a Headache a Migraine?

A migraine is different. Doctors define it as a recurrent headache that has additional symptoms.
The pain is often throbbing and on one or both sides of the head.
People with migraines often feel dizzy or sick to their stomachs.

If you have migraines, you are not alone. Experts estimate that up to 10% of teens and young adults in the United States get migraines. Before age 10, an equal number of boys and girls get migraines.

You will learn:

• The three main types of headaches and how to treat as well as prevent each one
• The two types of migraine headaches – and how to easily tell which type you are experiencing!
• The three main causes of migraines – and how to easily avoid each one!
• Why migraines may produce auras
• causes of tension headaches – plus, find out who is most likely to suffer from tension headaches!
• How to quickly and easily identify headache triggers
• The #1 key to avoiding migraines – you may be very surprised at what you read here!
• Why diet is a main cause of headaches
• environmental factors that can cause headaches – and how to reduce your exposure to each starting today!
• The real truth about sex and headaches
• How to prevent headaches with supplements
• Natural headache remedies – these treatments are not only natural and safe, but they work fast, too!
• tips for relieving headaches quickly and easily
• And much more!

Prevent and treat headaches and!

Download and share ...its FREE!

To your good health:)
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