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 Professional Taximeter Washington DC

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GPS-based TAXIMETER Washington DC

This is a 'White Label' version of our professional Taximeter-GPS app, developed between mid-2016 and Spring 2017 in a common project with DFHV in Washington DC. It fulfills the very specific requirements set by the Regulator.

Don't be fooled by 'easy meter' apps, and don't make the mistake to believe that calculating a fare based on GPS signals is easy.
There is an awful lot of complex situations to handle as GPS signals are nowhere near being a precise piece of information on a smartphone.
A meter app needs to handle, among many other things:
- GPS signals can have a timestamp from distant future (believe it or not!)
- GPS signals can have a timestamp from the past.
- They come with an 'accuracy' and this can be ok, somewhat ok, bad or very bad.
- They can come from distant places: You are based in Washington and you get a signal from Canada.
- Even when a signal looks good, it can be bad when you consider maximum speed or acceleration of a car.
- The first GPS after start of a trip can come in after an unknown number of seconds or minutes. You surely cannot wait with starting calculations until you have got one.
- You can loose the GPS signals anytime during a trip, and clearly not only in tunnels.
- When you are waiting at a red traffic light, the signals you get are erratic, adding unjustified distance units into the fare.
- You move to background and iOS or Android kills your app from memory. When you restart you have a situation where you lost an unknown number of signals.
- Cheaper smartphones/tablets have cheaper GPS chips and make the situation even worse.

So, the challenge for a professional meter app is clearly not to collect signals and have a tariff applied to the measured distance and time. The challenge really is to filter and modify GPS signals so that you get an accurate result.

With our longtime experience from 2010 until today, we are very proud to state that our app is able to manage all these situations and comes up with a correctly calculated fare amount.

So don't be fooled by apps stating that they are 'easy'.

As can be rightly expected, there is much more to this app than just calculating correctly: Automatic detection of applicable tariff, holding and cancelling a trip, waiting mode, cross-over speed, slow traffic management, extras, calculate quote for a trip, trip reference number across entire fleet, QR Code passenger receipt, send passenger receipt by Email or SMS, your company logo on the main view, and even an SOS button for drivers in distress.

The app supports the payment process with Square™.

This app communicates with our linked 'BackSeat' app, where passenger can follow the route, see the fare amount + extras, see details about the applied tariff, see driver's name, decide on how he wants to pay and type in his email address or cellphone number for receipt delivery at end of trip. 'BackSeat' also supports the payment process with Square™.

Visit our FAQ section on for more details or check our core version for even more details.

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