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 Quick Gallery - Photo on Map 1.8.1

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You can view photos by date and place Very Fast and Light
The technology of spatial data indexing and time sorting makes it possible.

There are a lot of apps to see photos on the map,
Apps are slowing down when photos and places increase.
and the functions for folder management are complicated.

These features make managing photos more difficult.

Why? Should I manage? It's nice to be able to find archived photos easily and quickly.
how? You can navigate to the time, location photos taken at
and if desired, search by hashtag
It's very difficult to manage folders by date
Now by tag, calendar and on map,
you can easily find pictures taken on last year at some place.

All tagged photos stay just in your personal photo gallery not in clouds

- Quick and easy access to photos and data such as date, location, hash tag recorded in your life also.
- You can easily browse photos in album through calendar short cut.
- You can view albums and photos together like explorer, so you can view other album pictures with just one click
- Create an album and drag pictures from the gallery to drop them into the desired album.
- When/After you take a picture, you can modify a taken place and hash tag
- How to register some place where you took pictures
if you turn on the GPS, you can easily move to that place on map in photo details
and click the marker on map to register the place.
otherwise don't worry, you can add a place on map and put pictures into that.
There is two way to add a place. from add place menu or searching (by google place api) on map
- You don't need to upload places, tags and app does not sync with server like other social services.
- After register some places, you can browse your pictures on the map.
- You can search for photos by a hash tag and place name attached to a photo
- All data remains secure on your cell phone.
- Did you know that photos and other data (taken date, location, device etc) are shared regardless of your action?
Uploading and sharing you can remove information like location, taken date and device so you can safely upload or share photos.
- You can see places and posts facebook friends uploaded
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