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 QURAN CARIM , Quran Karim In English 1.15

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For anyone who has a problem please write to solve the problem and this is a support for this program and to appear without mistakes to benefit from it all.

I ask God Almighty to write the reward of this program
For everyone who contributed to its publication. I ask God to benefit the nation.

The program also guides all Muslims.

Quran is a voice and a picture without a full Internet Quran MP3 program specialized in the presentation of the Koran in an interactive manner soft voice and image reading and listening without a net is exactly identical to the Koran paper is the application of the Koran The latest applications developed to serve the Muslim user Quran full voice and image coran mp3 Free sans internet. The Qur'an uses the new environment on Android phones and allows the user to interact with the Holy Quran easily and with the preservation of the beauties of the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran is complete without Internet connection and is completely identical to the Qur'an. , Al-Quran
Translation with many langauges and Arabic Tafsir
Auto scrolling for reading
Islamic Graphic background
Clear and bold Holy Quran text
Alarms for reading any sura
Memorization for Sura, Joza, Hezb and Ayah
repair some crashes
Changer le type de police
Contains the most 9 translations of the meanings of the Holy Quran
Share and pay reward for good as an actor,
Works without Internet voice and image

Possibility to choose the right reader for you
Translator for all languages.
Reminder property

The verses and the wall can be added to the favorites
The possibility of moving between the verses of the fence and also between the walls themselves
Contains audio materials for more than 22 readers
The possibility of listening to the verses independently
Recitation of the Koran

Salah Bukhatir
Ahmed Al Ajamy
Saoud Shuraim
Abdelbasset Abdelsamad
Mishary El-Afasy
Abderahman Sudais
Ali El Hudhafy
Saad Al Ghamidy
Mohammad Ayoub
Abu Bakr Al Shatri
Ahmad Nauina
Akram Alalaqmi
Mahmoud Al Hussary
Saber Abdulhakam
Salah Al Budair
Abdul Rasheed Sufi
Nabil Rifai
Mustafa Al Azzawi
Mahmoud Ali Albanna
Khaled Al Qahtani
Hani Rifai
Moftah Assultany
Mustafa Allahuni
Mahmoud Al Shaymi
Muhammad Abdul Kareem
Kamil Behtimi
Jamal Shaker
Zaki Daghistani
Sahil Yassin
Salah Al Hashem
Abdul Bari Thobaity
Adel Rayan
Mohamed Tablawi
Nasser Al Qatami
Ibrahim Al Akhdar
Tawfeeq As Sayegh
Jamaan Alosaimi
Sherzad Taher
Saleh Alsahoud
Tareq Daoub
AbdAllah Almatroud
Abdullah Aljuhni
Musa Belal
Adel Kalbani
coran complet
Layoun Kouchi
Ahmed Trabulsi
Ahmed Saber
Ahmed Amer
Ibrahim Dawsery {Warsh}
Dakwaly Muhammed {Qaloon}
Zayn Muhammed Ahmed
Yassin Al Jazairy
Hatim Farid
Khaled Almuanna
Khaled Abdel Kafy
Khalifa Tanijy
Sayed Ramadan
Abdel Bary Muhammed
Abdelbasset {Warsh}
Abdelbasset {mujawwad}
Abdelaziz Al Ahmed
Abdellah Alkandari
Abdellah Basfar
Abdelmuhsin Alharithy
Abdelmuhsin Alabikan
Abdelmuhsin Alqasim
Abdelhady Knakry
Abdelwadud Hanif
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