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Do you want to listen to music Free? Listen to the radio stations in our Online application. You can choose from football matches, sports, news, music, is the best application to enjoy listening to the hits of the moment, the best songs of the year you will find them here! The best stations Online, listen live and Free! Listen to the best radio stations in Slovakia. Listen to the artists of the moment, the main live and direct stations, AM and FM for FREE!

Quickly navigate through hundreds of stations and search by region for the station you want to listen to. You can search by:
-Name of the station
-Create favorite station lists
-Watch free music online
-Compare with your friends and family through mail, messages, social networks and messaging

Radio Slovakia Free Online brings you the best experience when enjoying listening to the main live stations:
Radio Lumen 102.9
RTVS R Devin 102.0
RTVS R Patria 1017
RTVS R Regina BB 90.1
RTVS R Regina KE 88.2
RTVS R Slovensko 90.1
Anténa hitr`dio 100.3
Best FM 95.6
Europa 2 104.8
Fun Radio Live 94.3
Jemné Melódie 106.6
Radio 7 SK 103.6
Radio Aligator - Classic Rock Radio 97.2
Radio Kiss 104.5
Rádio Sport 103.2
RTVS R Devin 96.2
RTVS R Regina KE 100.3
RTVS R Slovensko 96.6
RTVS Radio FM 101.3
Top Radio 102.8
Rádio Plus 105.9 FM
Radio Yes 102.9
RTVS R Devin 94.6
RTVS R Slovensko 91.2
RTVS Radio FM 102.8
Dobré r`dio 97.2
RTVS R Devin 88.8
RTVS R Patria 702
RTVS R Slovensko 93.5
RTVS Radio FM 101.7
RTVS Radio FM 105.4
RTVS R Litera
RTVS R Devin 104.4
RTVS R Patria 1098
Radio Beta 93.9
Radio Hit 95.6
Radio Hit FM 96.4
Radio WOW 90.4
RTVS R Devin 97.8
RTVS R Slovensko 103.2
RTVS Radio FM 101.2
Radio Piestany 90.2
Zahoracke Radio 89.2
Frontinus Radio 104.6
Jemné Melódie 96.3
L-Rádio 106.4
Radio SEVER 94.5
RTVS R Devin 88.7
RTVS R Regina BB 100.1
RTVS R Slovensko 102.4
Radio Go Deejay 89.8
Radio Kosice 91.7
Radio M
and many more

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