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Listen to radios online free in El Salvador now! You can listen to the radio stations of El Salvador whenever you are connected to the Internet. If you want to listen to the radio stations of San Salvador, Santa Ana, Soyapango, San Miguel, etc! This is your free source for listening to music, sports and sports News. You can listen to any musical genre you like, from pop, rock, hip hop, reggaeton, rap, to classical music on your favorite music stations.

You can search for AM and FM frequencies to listen to your Salvadoran radios. You don't even have to be in the area! If you are in San Salvador and you can listen to the Santa Ana radios, just open our application and touch on your favorite radio. Perhaps you are in the other country and want to know the news in your hometown of El Salvador? Just play on the radios of El Salvador Live! If you are curious about the weather or what is happening in El Salvador, listen to live news from Salvadoran radio stations for free, you have access from anywhere in the world! You only have to have mobile internet or WiFi.

Features of App Radios El Salvador - El Salvador Radio FM Online:

♬ listen radio stations Salvadorans free
Unlike other music apps, you can listen to any Salvadoran radio station for free, forever! You can listen to an unlimited amount of songs, news, sports, football, etc.

♬ listening to music genres
There are many Salvadoran music stations that focus only on certain genres such as country, electronica, folk, heavy metal, hip hop, jazz, pop, rap, reggae, reggaeton, rock, rock and roll, bachata, Salsa, cumbia, tango, etc.

♬ get news from El Salvador
It is easy to know what is happening in El Salvador. Salvadoran broadcasters have news about the area that interests you. You can know what's going on in San Salvador with the online radio stations, you don't have to spend time reading and looking for Salvadoran news to listen to every day in our app Android Radios El Salvador - El Salvador Radio FM Online.

♬ Optimized streaming
We optimize the best streaming algorithm to hear the best sound, if you like to listen to Peruvian news, sports, music, football, music genres, just open our app and listen to Salvadoran radios.

List of some Salvadoran stations:

Radio Scan 96.1 FM
La Chévere 100.9 FM
Monumental 101.3 FM
La Mejor 98.9 FM
Radio FM Globo 93.3
Cadena Mi Gente
Femenina 102.5
Radio EXA 91.3 FM
Clásica Online FM
Bautista 89.7 FM
Full online 99.7 FM
El Mundo 93.7 FM
Adventista 96.5 FM
Soda Stereo 105.3
Radio Paz 88.5 FM
Laser Espanol 90.1
Progreso FM 90.5
Radio Cool 89.3 FM
Que Buena FM 88.9
Radio Club 92.5 FM
Laser Inglés FM
Radio Globo 93.3 FM
Vox FM 94.5 FM
Radio Astral 94.9
Adventista 96.5 FM
Radio Luz 97.7 FM
Radio Gospel FM
La Mejor FM 98.9
Mesías 99.3 FM
Radio Full FM
ABC Radio 100.1
Restauración FM
La Chévere 100.9
Radio 102.1 FM
Femenina 102.5
102 Nueve FM
Fiesta 104.9 FM
Radio Ranchera FM
YSKL 104.1 FM
YXY 105.7 FM
Radio La Pantera
Cadena Cuscatlán
Radio Vox 94.5 FM
Radio Eco 95.3 FM
Radio Club FM
Radio Luz 97.7
Astral 94.9 FM
Radio 102.9 FM
ABC 100.1 FM
Verdad 95.7 FM
Radio Laser FM
Maya Visión 106.9 FM
Cadena Mi Gente 700
Radio María 800 AM
Radio Coco FM 94.9
Ranchera 106.5
Fuego 107.7 FM
Punto 105 FM
Radio Grupo Dutriz
Discotec Radio
Corazón 97.3 FM
Radio Jes FM 97.3
Radio Iglesia Josué
Vida Plus Radio
Radio La Kuereta
Radio ERES
Radio Confracem
Voz Evangélica
Mana El Salvador
Radio Mega Medical
Radio Mesías 99.3 FM
El Camino 106.1 FM
La Caliente 90.1 FM
Carnaval 97.3 FM
Chaparrastique AM
Radio Cret San Miguel
Radio Doremix
Soda Stereo FM
Radio FX 105.3 FM
Maranatha 90.5 FM

Please take a moment to value and comment Our app Android Radios El Salvador - El Salvador Radio FM Online. We appreciate your support!
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