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 Raft survival : new challenge 1.0

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You together with family were transported on the raft when the captain has made a terrible mistake because of which your raft has flown on coral reeves. You as the brave person, have started saving people behind a raft board, but something went wrong, and you have fainted. The last that you remember – shouts, various fragments of the raft in water and fins of several sharks which slowly approached the damaged raft and the people floundering in water and trying to survive, having got back on the sinking raft.

You have regained consciousness in the open ocean, on the small wooden board reminding a raft after a while, and near you circles the huge shark who, beyond all doubt, will try to turn or destroy a raft swam and to eat you. Whether you will be able, about the brave person, to survive in the conditions of open and extremely dangerous ocean, to protect the small wooden raft and to win against an annoying hungry shark? If you are brave and ready to risk own life, then Raft survival: new challenge, our game simulator of survival on a raft in dangerous waters of the ocean, is created especially for you!


Survival game simulator Raft survival: new challenge will dip you into the atmosphere of survival among dangerous waters and will show all tragedy of fight for life: you will be absolutely alone in dark, terrible and extremely dangerous waters of the ocean, your only friend and the savior who has given you chance to survive is a wooden raft which hungry and terribly dangerous shark wants to destroy. And most terribly is that your raft carries away further and further in waters of the dangerous ocean, and chances of your rescue decrease every day.


Raft survival: new challenge – the newest game simulator of survival on a raft for the android which will tell you how to survive on a small wooden raft in the open ocean and not to go mad of fear of a shark, uncertainty and loneliness.

Create by means of ferry fragments a special hook with a rope by means of which you will be able to collect all resources floating near your raft. It is guarantee of successful survival in the ocean on your raft! Raft survival: new challenge provides you chance to collect resources not only from a water surface near your raft on which you survive but also gives chance to plunge into waters of the ocean and to get there various food, useful objects, using and improving which, you will be able to expand and improve the raft and to banish a hungry shark!

In Raft survival: new challenge don't forget to look for and in time to use fresh food and clear water which dangerous waters of the open ocean will give you. But you remember that except useful objects and products, awful, terrible and very hungry shark who is eager to destroy your raft also lives in waters of the ocean. Attentiveness, sharpness, competent search, distribution and improvement of resources – here guarantee of your successful survival, and also only chance to win and banish a shark from your raft.

Download a game for the android Raft survival: new challenge, be brave, collect all resources near your raft, develop strategy of survival and banish an annoying shark back in dangerous waters of the ocean! Play the best simulator of survival on a raft – Raft survival: new challenge.
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