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Slow performance? No space for new photos, music or games? Free your device with RAM Booster 2018! …And proceed with whatever devilish plan you have in store for it.

RAM Booster 2018 is an app that every Android device should have installed. RAM booster goes through your phone and cleans up your system memory, increasing the performance of your phone or tablet, and improving your battery life. And the best part is, it is totally free!

You aren't a power user, you just want a one tap solution to speed up your phone. RAM Booster 2018 is exactly that. Just fire up the app and tap on Boost. Let the software do the rest.

RAM Booster 2018 can make games on your phone run faster by clearing up resource draining applications. Is your Android device starting to feel sluggish? Then slug some power back into it with RAM Booster! You should always keep your system memory clean.

Deletes unwanted files and uninstalls inefficient apps. This free and simple tool optimizes mobile’s performance and cleans memory and cache. Also, it has a nifty feature for letting you know when your phone is running out of memory.

RAM Booster 2018 can also improve your battery life by up to 30% or more just by nuking power hungry processes. The app really is a battery life saver!
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