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RandoGame is a timed matching "random images" puzzle game. The matching puzzle is a challenge to your memorization abilities. It is based on your memory and a race against time.

In the matching game, you have to memorize random images generated and the positions they occupy in a panel within a specific period of time. You are then required to duplicate the information behind hidden panels.

You start the game by selecting the number of random images (1 to 6) to be hidden and the time (10 to 60 seconds) the hidden images and the panel positions will be displayed.

After the specified display period ends, you are presented with the selected set of images in a visible "select panel" group to choose from. In addition, you are presented with a set of "blank" images in the "hidden panel" group. The "selected panel" images are always displayed in non-changing positions within the select panel.

The object of the game is to select the images (one at a time) from the select panel of images and placed in the hidden panel of images where you believe the specific image is located.

You earn points and bonuses by correctly identifying the hidden information and penalized for incorrect choices and the use of "peeks." A peek is when you take an additional "timed" look at the hidden images and the panel locations they occupy.

RandoGame is an addictive race to memorize matching images that gets harder as the number of random images increase and the specified period of time to match images decreases.

The game contains a set of free 50 peeks and the ability to acquire additional peeks in the situation when all of the allotted "free" peeks are consumed. There will also be future updates that expands the number of random images to 8, 10 and possibly 12 random images which includes advanced memorization skill.

Best of luck in meeting the challenges presented in this ultimate random matching game.
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