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Rats genus of rodent family of mice. It includes at least 64 species. The body length of 8-30 cm tail length is equal to or greater than the length of the body it the weight of 37-39 grams to 400-420 g. The predominant body color is dark gray or gray and brown colors but there are yellow red and orange shades. Fingers on the feet moving it compensates for the lack of development of corns needed for climbing.

Two widespread commensal kind of gray and black rats. The remaining species are common in South-East Asia New Guinea Australia on the islands of the Malay Archipelago. Another kind of synanthropic Rattus exulans introduced by many islands of Oceania and Hawaii.

Nesinantropnye kinds of rats live mainly in tropical forests including mountain. In Australia the rats are found in savannas and grasslands. Fossils of the genus Rattus known since middle Pleistocene.

Most rats are ground or poludrevesny lifestyle. As used shelters holes natural shelter nest different animals. Live rats as a single and forming a family or territorial groups.

However, in different species there are certain preferences. Some prefer vegetarian food seeds vegetables fruit. Other Animals various insects molluscs and other small invertebrates. A menu of gray in different populations varies greatly.

Breed rat year round except for the northern populations of commensal species. Number of pups in the litter in different rat is different. In gray rat may be from 2 to 22 rats but the average of 8-9 y Malayan species on average from 3 to 6 in Australian species from 3 to 14 pups. Females of some species of poliestralny.

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