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 Re:tap - Puzzle searching for color mistakes 1.3

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With 'Children's only mode', you will acquire "concentration" and "self-discipline"!
Download free!

● Is not such a time?

◎ I am busy in the morning after my child's care
◎ I am too busy to do housework
◎ I can not take my eyes away from children
◎ Kids can not stop crying

When even one of the above applies,
We recommend using this application.

● To accompany your outing

◎ When you go out with a vehicle such as a car or a train
When I did not stop or stop crying,
Let's play happily and turn everyone into a smile.

It's a simple game so you can play easily, and also you can learn and kill two birds with one stone!

● "concentration" and "self-discipline" acquire

◎ You can also set not to press extra buttons during play!

◎ It corresponds also to the large screen of the tablet,
It is also friendly to the eyes, you can use the app with confidence in parent and child.

● This application lets you learn about the fun of colors and shapes while having fun with parents and children.

Start free, play simple

Looking for mistakes will be all 22 stages.
Together with the main character Little Gray JR.
A great adventure with time slipping to the universe and the earth and the ancient century!

◎ Just by tapping,
While deepening the understanding of illustration,
You can capture the features of color and figure and form the basis of visual perception.

Very simple to play easily!

● Learning experiences while playing with colors and figures

◎ While trying to communicate
You can also proceed with play, so you can learn fun while playing with parents.

In order to focus on play,
Because "Children mode" is carried,
It is also possible to use it as training to nurture concentration with one person.

While training the basics of figure learning by color and object recognition,
You can understand the concept of finding mistakes by the difference in illustration between the illustration and the background.
The ability to grasp correctly figures fostered by space cognitive ability,
It will help us learn math later.

Learn about colors and shapes with the mistake finding application to foster curiosity!

● Very satisfied with various stages

◎ Free stage
1. The alien came!
2. Greeting to Mr. Bird
3. Mr. Osuwaru
4. The best of all!

... Loaded with many other stages!

To play stage 5 or later
In-app billing will be used,
All stages are available with one in-app billing.

◎ Paid Stage
5. Taking a mountain
6. Exploring the flower garden!
7. Souvenir selection for hometown
8. First time visit
9. I went to a cat cafe
10. Mikan at the first time with a kotatsu
11. Depart for space adventure
12. Sunflower field
13. Moon oyster factory
14. Water is a scary Mercury
15. Holidays on Venus
16. I encounter a brown bear of Mars
17. Jupiter living on trees
18. Saturn's Works
19. Suspected shadow in Uranus
20. King of Neptune
21. Doll of Pluto
22. Glittery glass star

... We are adding another stage!

The app is available on Android.
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