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 Real Estate Tycoon: Island Realtor Empire 1.5

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You have the role of a real estate agent who has a certain amount of cash, and has to buy and sell buildings to make a profit. Your ultimate goal is to make as much money as possible in the shortest time frame. Do you have the strategy, knowledge and sense to build your own real estate agent empire in an ultra-exciting buy and sell game?!

In general, you have to be clever and buy the buildings when they are cheap, and sell them when they reach their price peaks. Thus, the key in Properties Tycoon is to explore and make the right decisions. If you do that, you will dominate the game and make a lot of money!

Like in real life, the key to success in the game is to manage your money smartly. When a building appears for the first time, it has a price tag that shows the building’s current price. If you have enough money and can afford its price, you can buy it. Otherwise you can let it be, because it might get cheaper in the next market wave. Use the beautiful map to organize your purchases and properties.

When you purchase a building, you can sell it in a short amount of time, to make a profit, or you can wait for the building to reach to its peak price. That’s when you make the most profit. Timing is key so explore and sometimes you just need to wait and sell in the right moment. Note, if you sell a building cheaper than the purchased price, you will lose money.

ENDLESS: You can play as long as you like. You can beat the optional goal and the game saves your highest score (Money) for you.

TIME-TRIAL: You have a limited time to make a fortune and reach to the indicated goal. You have to think fast, purchase several buildings at once and have strategy to beat this mode. It also saves your best high score (Time) for you.
CAREER: In career mode, you have access to several levels that ask for different objectives. Right now the game has 5 levels, more to come!

Properties Tycoon: build your empire FEATURES:
- you have the role of a realtor
- real estate game
- exquisite graphics and mapping
- 3 game modes
- interesting rules
- lovely and appealing typography
- free game
Go and make a lot of money and become the most successful agent!
Build your own empire, get Properties Tycoon for FREE!
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