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Real Fantasy is a mobile game unlike anything else! It incorporates the best elements of traditional RPG fantasy games with unique gameplay only available on mobile platforms. Thousands of monsters, magical and physical weapons, clothing and armor, supplies and allies create a more advanced world than any other Android game to date. The added bonus of being mobile allows for the integration of millions of real-world locations into the game. Wherever you play, the places around you are suddenly transformed into interactive Dungeons, Enemy Castles, Blacksmiths, Magic Shops, Taverns, General Stores, Schools, Gambling Halls and Enemy Towers.
With 20 levels, your character can fight his or her way up the ranks to legendary status. And with each level comes greater dangers…and greater rewards.

- Explore dungeons and defeat the boss monsters to claim treasures.
- Interact with the real-world locations around you or visit the Capital City to visit locations that otherwise prove hard to find.
- Fight hundreds of different monsters to earn experience, Gold and Gems and possibly find rare and ultra-rare items. The Minotaur, Medusa, Ancient Werewolf and Vampire Sorcerer are among the fabled enemies awaiting you.
- Build up your castle to best defend against other players in your area.
- Sack enemy strongholds to steal Gold and score big experience points.
- Deck out your character in hard-to-find attire including Stealth Armor, House Wolf Armor, Kingsguard Armor, Assassin Armor, Dragon Scale Armor and much more. Get your hands on a complete set and score an even bigger defensive bonus.
- Visit Gambling Halls to test your luck at games of chance including Pirate’s Poker, Devil’s Dice and Traitor’s Tiles.
- Compete with other players in your area by visiting locations where you can fight off threatening monsters and earn Honor to grow your daily Gold income. The greater your Honor, the greater your daily revenue.
- Recruit from more than 100 Allies of 16 different types to help you in various ways. Warriors aid in attack and defense. Patrons raise your daily income. Teachers help with Hit Points, Strength and Will. Mercenaries can help sack enemy castles. Conscripts will join you on your adventures in exploring dungeons. Doctors help keep your health up. Charmers help you negotiate better prices on weapons and supplies.
- Complete more than 100 achievements for bonus Gems.
- See where you rank locally and worldwide on our 5 different leaderboards.
And there’s so much more in the massive world of Real Fantasy you’ll have to try it for yourself to see everything it has to offer.
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