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 Real US Shot Hunter Gun Fire War 1.0

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The super 3D action filled game of 2018 is now in town!
The super real city of US is under attack of different terrorists with the Great War weapons. City shows the picture of dangerous battle zone. Become the real US shot hunter gun fire war in an excellent 3D simulator to beat all the evil terrorists with your great super powers and rescue the city. The real grand city is occupied with all the gangsters and mafia groups to demolish the whole city of 2018. The lives of all the innocent citizens are in threat. They are living poorly in the houses fearing from all the terrorists, gun noises, war zone scene, shooting, fighting and mafia sniper attacks. They are terrified with these attacking circumstances that are happening in the city that became the grand war zone. In this 3D warship the snipers, terrorists and mafia gangsters are continuously attacking on the houses, on the buildings with their super modern 3D weapons. They have great energy to abolish the grand combat city; they came with the great terrorist plan to destroy the city with their own hands. They came up with the Great War strategy to spread the fear of unique warship combat atmosphere in the city. People are living in hell they need a super hero who can easily abolish the mafia sniper groups, gangsters and bad terrorists who are trying to invade and want to transform the peaceful city in a totally war zone of 2018.
The Great War is happening with the ultimate great weapons of fire & guns. The bad mafia gangsters carrying the latest modern super weapons to demolish the whole grand city of US. Real army mission is started in the realistic city, you have to rescue the whole combat city, start the real rescue and extremely challenging mission for the survival of all the innocent citizens of 2018. You have to participate in this warship, be at the frontline to become the super hero of the grand city. Try to abolish all the terrorists in this crazy real super war with your modern super guns. This 3D Real US Shot Hunter Gun Fire War of 2018 shooting game carries multiple features and has the amazing attacking super modern weapons to win. You have to be strong to be at the frontline to win this war, use your great modern super weapons to attack at all the terrorists, load the fire at them, load your super fight gun, win in this 3D battlefield with gratitude and finish the criminal activities. The real super fight challenge is started, you will perform as the great Gun hunter, hunt all the bad terrorists according to the given map in this 3D Real US Shot Hunter Gun Fire War battlefield and attack at them, fight with enemy, start the combat with the ultimate super powers and have the great victory. You can also call these real missions a challenge of Army battlefield in which you will behave as an Army attacker to rescue the citizens from the entire evil enemy. You will face great shooting with big grand guns, war zone scene, and crazy gun fire attacks at the frontline, modern fight with super weapons, ultimate warship, mafia war, strike and challenging 3D war environment of 2018. This 3D Real US Shot Hunter Gun Fire War is the real war zone, provides you a realistic challenge survival mission, you need to win this ultimate combat fight war with your modern guns. Save your partners who are burning in grand hell city.
You will discover amazing 3D war environment of different features of guns and modern weapons. Modern rescue fire shoot mission is waiting for you, show your super talented skills in this battle field to attack, be a navy and army warrior to save the American combat city that shows the whole terrorist fight ground picture. You have to survive in this super attack gun war mafia zone mission of 2018.

Key Features :
• Realistic super modern 3D adventurous environment
• Challenging missions in HD environment
• Great music and sound effects
• Perfect shooting attacks
• Real 3D battlefield
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