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Reddish animals are rare species that are difficult to find. The people interested in studying the nature of the red duckling. To listen to the same sound, the ducklings continue to incorporate the ducklings as much as possible into the mp3 format you like.

Red Duck (Scientific name: Dendrocygna javanica) is a small duck. There are breeding grounds in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Red ducks are widely distributed from Pakistan in the river valleys east to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, southern China and Vietnam. Resident Some migrate in the area due to drought or flood. But in China, birds will migrate south.

Live in fresh water lakes that still have plenty of vegetation. Including flood fields. Swamp forest And sometimes live in brackish water, in the mangroves, in the mangroves, and in the shores near the coast, long mouths, long gray hairs, long legs, forehead and middle bodice, brownish gray head, neck and chest. Gusto Under the neck faded until white. And the upper and lower back are darker. The sides and belly are reddish yellowish yellow. Cream colored stripes along the top. The feathers under the base of the tail and the bottom of the tail are quite white, the shoulders covered, the head covered with large wings, and the head covered with dark brown wings. Reddish brown Little Red-winged Wings Feather under the head, black wings Mid-wing feathers and brown-tipped feathers. Black hips Coat on the base of a reddish-brown tail. Brown tail feathers burn Gray legs and toes are dark blue.

While flying, it sounds like a long, short, sharp whistle. "C-Sig"
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