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You MUST have an Android Wear watch to use Referee Watch Free (does not support Samsung Gear w/Tizen OS).

If you have Android Wear 2.0, install Referee Watch on your mobile device first and then install onto the Watch from the watch Play Store (scroll down to "Apps on your phone")

Watch the Soccer Referee Pro Tutorial videos to see some of the features also available in Referee Watch Free:

Referee Watch gives you the features you want in an Android Wear watch for officials:
- Count-up and Count-down timers
- Current Period
- Added Time
- Always-visible goal strip for quick recording and viewing

- Time of day
- Interval count-down timer
- Skip to end of interval
- Large, easy to read display at night or in full sunlight
- Separate vibration alarms to signal starting, paused, and time-expired (can be muted)
- Always-on mode for reading without tapping or pushing buttons
- Second-accuracy even in manual Ambient mode
- Color or low-power Monochrome mode
- Vibration-feedback for mistake-free use
- All timers readable with or without card notifications on
- Automatic low-power (Ambient) mode before/after game and during the intervals

Two easy-to-use corner buttons (with vibration feedback) for in-game actions:
- Reset to start of period (for example, on a bad kick-off)
- Adjust Added Time (for example, adjust +2:43 to 2:00, 1:00, 0:00 or back to 2:43)

Fully configureable on the watch for different sports:
- Primary timer: Count-up or Count-down
- Period length (10,12,20,25,30,35,40,45 or 5,10,15 for extra-/overtime- periods)
- Number of periods (1,2, 3, or 4)
- Interval length (2,5,10,12,15,20)
- 12- or 24-hour time-of-day display
- Team colors
- Can adjust mid-game (for example for incorrect period length) without affecting game timing
- Add Extra/Over-time periods as part of your existing game

Power efficiency:
- Night games: Color-on-white or High contrast (2-4 games per charge)
- Day games: Ambient/Dimmed (6 games per charge)
- Tournaments: Power save (20+ games per charge)

All operation and functions can work independently of (and disconnected from) your mobile device

Also configureable on the connected mobile device, with extra abilities:
- Custom periods (including fractional minutes for "special" periods)

To select the Referee Watch:
- On the watch: Press and hold the current watch face and then swipe to find the Referee Watch face
- On the connected mobile device: Start the Android Wear app and then select the Referee Watch in the watch face selector

What you see in Referee Watch:
- Large count-up timer in the middle (indicated by the up-arrow) with the current period in front of the arrow
- Count-down timer in the middle left (indicated by the down-arrow), set to the current period length in minutes
- Current time in the middle right (changes to Added time once you start the timer)

Simply tap to start and tap to pause the timer.

Two corner "buttons"; to use them:
- Bottom-left: If timer is running, double-tap to reset the timers to the start of the current period. If stopped, reset to the start of the next period
- Bottom-right: Single-tap to flash the time in place of Added Time. Double-tap to adjust added time to the next whole minute in this cycle: from (for example) 2:43 to 2:00 to 1:00 to 0:00 and back to 2:43 (for example if a lop-sided score suggests you want to finish the game with minimum added time)
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