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Sambal is a sauce with the main ingredients made from chili so that the contents of chilli taste spicy and add other ingredients such as salt and shrimp.

Sambal is one of the typical elements of Indonesian cuisine, Malay language is also found in culinary South Asia and East Asia. There are various variations of sambal originating from different regions in Sambal can also increase our appetite.
Sambal Is

Sambal is a sauce-shaped liquid derived from chili. Chillies used can be red chili or green chili. The texture of the sauce varies greatly depending on how each person uses it.


The main use of chili is as a dietary supplement. Of course it's not spicy. However, for those who add a lot of mixture, will cause the reduction of the spicy taste itself. Some people use chili sauce just to add flavor when the dish they eat will not have the dominant taste.
Sambal is very famous and growing in Indonesia. Indonesians who are planning to leave the country do not escape carrying sambal as their beka. Many Indonesians living abroad open a sauce business. In Indonesia alone the use of sambal almost intended for all types of dishes ranging from side dishes to fresh vegetables.

How to Process:

Different types of sambal are recognized in the wider community. The most popular is the chili paste. From the name alone we can already guess that this chili uses Terasi as an additional ingredient. Some places to eat add lime to add aroma should and strengthen the taste. Anything that makes sambal with extra tomatoes tastes not too spicy. Those who are not too strong with a spicy flavor will generally choose tomato sauce to complement the food.
To make a sauce there are some people using ulekan media or some using a blender. Those who use a blender will produce a sauce with a smooth texture. Chilli seeds are generally not found in this type of aqual. Instead you will find many chili seeds in hand slicer.
How to store the sauce is to put it in the refrigerator. However, if you already use the sauce with the taste of drinking it with a spoon to eat you should not save the sauce again because the fear will be damaged. To prevent this you should immediately separate the sauce at the beginning before eating so the sauce that is stored is not dirty or exposed to other foods.
spicy sauce
Sambal padang
Sambal sumatra
Sambal Jawa
Delicious sauce
The sauce is delicious
Steady sauce
miscellaneous sambal
Various kinds of sambal
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