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 Resident Virus Mutant Wars C18.1b

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Resident Virus Mutant Wars
Play as an elite sniper, saving the world from mutant enemies in this hit FPS

Delve into a world of danger, challenges and high-stakes survival in Resident Virus Mutant Wars. Explore vast and treacherous terrains, battle against devastating mutant enemies and wield an assortment of epic melee and firearms weapons as you blast through levels. Run and shoot, but also discover amazing perks such as ammo, health pickups. The fate of the human race depends on you. Dare to accept the challenge?


Scientists engineer a virus that dramatically increases human intelligence. Unfortunately, there is a side effect: obsessive paranoia. As people lose trust in each other, society begins to crumble. Cities shut down as technology begins to deteriorate and war breaks out in the street. The few unaffected struggle with a way to reverse this detrimental disease. Testing their results on captive "lab rats", they find that there is one cure that seems to work among the infected. As time is of the essence, further testing is thrown out and mass vials of the antidote are produced and administered by force. As the antidote kicks in, the streets are abandoned and the population struggles in the wake of the devastating consequences derived from the raids on the cities, but as the antivenin surges through their veins, the people begin to experience a series of new and unusual side effects as the antivenin clashes with the scientifically engineered virus. Suddenly the population is gripped by a new phenomenon. The devastating combo begins to mutate the cells of the individual, altering their appearance and wreaking havoc on their brains. While the world was gripped before with the pandemic of the overly suspicious, now they are looking at an army of mutant creatures with one intent: kill.

LET YOUR BULLETS FLY! Cities are burning and nations are crumbling under the hands of these merciless mutants. Dominate this action-packed campaign and aim to kill. Enjoy futuristic weapons as you navigate the levels. This pixel style defense game couples with amazing 3D graphics and game animations to bring you the ultimate first person shooting experience. Each enemy will test you in their own way. Heated gun battles and brutal combats dare you to blow away your foes. Collect tons of extra features such as ammo and health packs. Navigate treacherous confines of futuristic proportions with no guarantee of survival. Utilize skill, timing and quick thinking to annihilate your enemies. Strike fast and hard. This intense action game promises to captivate for hours. Ready your weapons. It's time to hunt down some mutants!

-Brand new menus and user interface
-Health meter
-Entity Map
-Ammo and Health Pickups
-Touch-pad controls
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