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 Results Walrus: Habit Fixer 1.4.1

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Results Walrus is an incentive system for real-world daily goals, like sticking to a diet, having days off alcohol, or going to the gym. The system is similar to the medal and achievement systems found in computer games, where achievements are recorded, bonuses are unlocked, and more and better medals are gained as the player makes progress.

The difficulty in sticking to self-improvement plans is that the benefit is often gained so slowly that it is hard to notice. Initial enthusiasm wears off fairly quickly, so the daily activity tails off before significant benefits are seen. The Results Walrus fixes this by providing day-by-day wins. Every day the app asks a (user-chosen) question about the day before, following the pattern “Did you (meet your goal) yesterday?”. If the goal was met, a medal is awarded, which the app records for posterity. As more days are successful, more medals are awarded – for continuous streaks, for repeated wins on the same weekday (for example a run of three Wednesdays in a row), and for successful days in a week and in a month.

By recording and building on each success, the Results Walrus helps you continue getting results and staying motivated. The results can be viewed at any time and in multiple ways, and a special feature – the Crystal Ball – shows what medals will be won if today is a success, which adds incentive. By the time the complete set of medals is collected, meeting your target on a regular, daily basis will be second nature.

To put you in control and encourage planning ahead, there are unlockable bonus features where you can declare a day in advance and get an enhanced medal for success, get enhanced medals early in the month to get things off to a good start, and nominate up to two weekdays which are often more difficult and therefore also get an enhanced medal.

Results Walrus harnesses impulses to collect and complete in order to strengthen your ability to achieve your aims. It bridges the gap between short and long term, helping you to make lasting change to your lifestyle.
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