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 Rise - Positive Self Affirmations for Working Moms 1.3

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This app is aimed at helping working moms who struggle with guilt, anxiety and stress. Whether we work because we love our careers, or because it’s a financial necessity, we are all devoted mothers to our children who face an immense amount of daily stress trying to juggle our busy routines and vast responsibilities.
Unfortunately, we often don’t focus on the good stuff: our achievements, the positive aspects of ourselves as employees and as mothers, on how much we love our family and do our best for our children. Instead, we focus on our perceived failings, on what we think we aren’t doing well enough.
As a result, we often suffer from strong feelings of guilt and anxiety, which can lead to sadness and depression. However, these feelings do not honestly reflect our reality, which is that we are truly wonderful, loving mothers, with normal, happy, thriving children. But this subconscious voice in our heads overrides reality, telling us over and over again that we aren’t good enough. It tells us that at the end of the day, we aren’t sacrificing enough for our families. And instead of making us into better, happier moms, it has exactly the opposite effect. This inner voice is toxic, and often causes guilt and anxiety, which affects not only us, but also our own interactions with our families. This negative thinking and mindset has a harsh impact on our daily lives.
This is where positive self affirmations come in. Set to calming, beautiful music, the positive affirmations in this app have been written by working moms, for working moms, with the goal of quieting that critical, toxic inner voice, so we can find peace, calm, and self acceptance, for ourselves, for our partners, and for our children.

Repeating these affirmations to yourself, out loud or silently to yourself, on a daily basis, works to counteract the negative, toxic voices, both internal and external, that have such an impact on our subconscious mindset, and will help to quiet the self-critical mindset that causes so much emotional and mental unease, allowing you to see yourself and your family in a new, positive light.
Introductory session to help guide you through the other sessions
Session 1: Morning - The first affirmation session has been written specifically for the morning, and focuses on adjusting the subconscious thoughts that will influence your entire day, helping to create an optimistic mindset for the day, before you’ve even arrived at work
Session 2: Transition - The second session has been written to help with the transition from work to home. Many working moms struggle to make this adjustment, and this session will help you let go of many of the stressors that we experience at work, and ease you into the right mindset for the rest of the day.
Session 3: The third session is intended to help working moms wind down at the end of the day. It will help put things into perspective, and place the events of the day in a more realistic, positive light, and help give you a good night’s sleep.
All sessions are set to calming music

Adjusting our subconscious thought patterns can take time, so we recommend listening to the affirmation sessions as often as possible to achieve the best possible results.

App by Rise - Positive Self Affirmations - support@riseonline.co
App development by Bhavik Mehta.
Voiceover by Sol Wonder.
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