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How well is your brain performing today? With Roberto, you can find out in about 6 minutes.

Roberto is a user-friendly brain health and wellness tool. It is based on pencil-and-paper and tabletop apparatus tests used for more than 50 years to measure neurocognitive and neuromotor performance. And it’s fun! Just play a series of videogames that target different areas of your brain.

Brain performance matters. Until recently, wellness programs have largely ignored our most crucial and complex area of health—our brain. It’s our brain that defines our personality, who we are and how far we will go in life. Now neuroscientists have discovered that the brain remains malleable and continues to change until we die. With proper lifestyle choices, we can have a positive effect on our brain health.

Using Roberto is as easy as 1-2-3

1 - Practice Playing the Game
Sign up for Roberto and start gathering data about your brain performance. It’s like a thermometer for the brain.

2 - Establish Your Normal Range
After a few sessions, Roberto will determine what is normal for you. It’s your Brain Performance Profile.

3 - Continue Monitoring Your Progress
Spot trends and be proactive with your brain health. Challenge your friends to beat your scores. Share your results with your health care provider, coach or trainer.

Who should use Roberto?
Anyone interested in brain health—especially parents, caregivers, athletes, clinicians, youth sports organizations, business owners and seniors. It can also be used to monitor the performance of people who are dealing with neurological disorders, gathering additional data to make better decisions.

How should you use Roberto?
Roberto is a wellness-based monitoring system. It is a guide for the consumer to gauge changes in cognition or motor ability that could be caused by diet, nutritional supplements, changes in sleep patterns, exercise or training, socialization, stress reduction and mental stimulation.

- Use Roberto twice a week to establish your personal normative profile and to begin generating trend data.
- Take Roberto sessions at night and in the morning to determine if there is a difference in your own neurocognitive and neuromotor abilities by time of day.
- Roberto profiles generated over time can be used to learn more about your own brain health and can be shared with your physician, family, coach, trainer and more.
- Understand that your performance on any one Roberto session will be compared to your other sessions, meaning you will be compared to yourself.

Disclaimer: ROBERTO DOES NOT PROVIDE A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS. ROBERTO is not a medical diagnostic tool or clinical treatment. The results from Roberto empower individuals to take personal responsibility in monitoring their brain health and make informed health decisions.
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