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RH Objectives:
1. Provide privacy in social media and marketing while giving the users the ability to control the post feed and vote down any objectionable posts.

2. Marketing information selected and opted-in by users.

3. All items in a physical wallet can be represented electronically using similar data elements and one software engine, while financial items include extra measures of encryption and authentication.

The Four No’s: No left or right control of content, no pushed-in advertising, no sale of your private info and no collection of your personal data and traits to be sold to third parties. All your data is private and is yours only.

RH Modules include:
1. My-Hive: Posts and stories from all your RH connected members. RH allows users to create profiles, upload photos, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. RH can also provide social networking for the business community. RH can also define and categorize posts under topics such as technology, politics or music.
2. Post Message/Picture: Post online or offline note or a story with or without pictures. If you add address a map with directions will be drawn. When online the story/post will be distributed.
3. My Posts: include your posts/stories you can share/SMS or interact with other RH members with comments, ratings and emoticons.
4. Online Posts: Gives you the ability to post different types of messages/post directly online.
5. RH Gallery: Your gallery of pictures which you can upload to the server. It is your personal album which can be used also to be inserted into posts.
6. My Contacts: Is your address book which you can categorize to RH types (family, friends, work..). You can RH connect with any contact if they have an email and are RH user. From the contact page you can email, SMS or phone the contact. If addresses are entered, you can get Google map directions when selecting the contact.
7. My Retailers: is the list of your opted-in retailers. You can add retailers with address or scan the retailer's RH door/window post and the retailer will be added to your list. If the retailer is not RH retailer you can still manually enter the retailer. From the retailer page you can email, SMS or phone the retailer if data is added in the corresponding fields. If addresses are entered, you can get Google map directions when selecting the retailer.
8. Coupons, Flyer, Tickets and Events are downloaded to your device by the opted retailer. They are deleted automatically after expiration date (except for tickets). You can get these items also by scanning RH Retailer's post. You can also use the coupon scanner to scan coupons and they will be added to your coupons list (for 1 day and then deleted).
9. Scan QR: is a BarCode scanner for RH actions. If internet address is scanned, the page will be displayed.

10. Write NFC: Is a retailer’s function to generate NFC cards to be used with RH. You also can just experiment with NFC using this app.

You must register/login in order to load RH data. In some Android phones you may get screen overlay message because of certain installed apps (e.g. Messenger or Whatsapp). In this case you should go to the device setting and apply the required permissions for RH. To become a RH listed retailer for creating coupons, flyers, tickets and events, apply through

Retailers and commercial entities! Post a RH generated poster on your business door or windows and all users with or can immediately receive your Menus, Price List, Sale Items, Coupons, Flyers and Events. Scale-able fees for this service. If you get customers drawn to your business because of this service the fees after a trial period are minimal in compare with advertising costs.
Note: If you get an overlay error or the app fails/hangs on one of its functions, you can go to app settings and add the permissions listed above in order to get the full range of functionalities.
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