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 RPNscfi – Financial and Scientific RPN Calculator 2.6

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Ease of use and beauty in mind, designed for every family member (parents, students) and professionals (finance, engineering, science) by combining comprehensive set of household financial calculations (loans, mortgages, "what-if" analyses), statistical calculations and scientific/engineering functions into a single package.

RPNscfi is a 15-digit RPN calculator with unlimited stack debt. It supports numbers greater than or equal to |2^-1022| (~10^-308), and less than |2^+1024| (~10^+308).

■ Tap “OPTIONS” and tap [Help] key to view User’s Manual
• Jump to Section 1.3 for a quick tour and continue reading Section 1.4.
• If you are not familiar with RPN calculator, please refer to Section 2.6.

■ VoiceOver enabled universal app

■ Financial Calculator
• Mortgage, Loan calculations
• Amortization schedule (copy or e-mail, CSV or text formats; select and paste)
• Savings plan, Pension fund calculations
• Savings account, Appreciation, Depreciation calculations
• Lease with/without residual value calculations
• Interest rate conversions (e.g., dividend to annual interest rate and vice versa)
• Calendar functions with dynamically localized date output
• Help you to understand and manage your budget with “what-if” analyses

■ Statistics Calculator
• Mean (μ), population (σ) and sample (s) standard deviations, weighted mean (μ.w)
• Normal, log-normal, log-log least-square regression analyses (tested with a million data samples)
• Equation output, x and y estimators, r: Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient
• Powerful edit feature: edit any record, export/import your data between IOS devices and desktop computers
• Test generator to get acquainted with statistics calculator
• Regression graph feature: will guide you to visually navigate your datasets

■ Scientific Calculator
• Common trigonometric, hyperbolic, logarithmic and exponentiation functions (base e, 10, and 2)
• Arbitrary rounding, mod operation, various ceil and floor functions, percentage functions
• Factorial function, binomial coefficient and greatest common divisor calculations

■ Unit System Conversion Calculator
• Simple yet useful to address daily metric to/from imperial conversion needs.
• 4 length, 5 area, 2 weight, 2 volume, 1+ temperature cross units conversions, plus little more.

■ Built-in PDF User’s Manual
• E-mail or print User’s Manual
• While reading, rotate device to exercise examples, and rotate again to resume reading
• All financial features are explained and demonstrated with annotated examples

■ Additional Features
• Easy-to-review on-demand non-intrusive tape
• Built in tape history browser and editor
• Gives you true record of all calculations
• Features copy, selective copy, and e-mail.

■ Easy configuration via Gestures
• US & EU number formats
• 5 number notations: DEC, FIN, ENG, SCI, UNF
• 2 trigonometric angle modes: DEG, RAD
• Fixed-point (FIN) and fixed-digit (ENG) number notations
• 4 keypad themes, 3 keypad fonts, 3 display fonts, 3 tape fonts, and 4 display & tape font colors
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