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 Ruqyah-Cure for (Magic/Sihr,Evil Eye, Jadoo, Jinn) According to Quran & Sunnah for iPad Lite 1.0

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Note:This is only the LITE Version

Easy Self Ruqyah-Cure for Black Magic and Jinn by Listening to Ruqyah Audio

* When Doctors can't help you!

+ METHODS of self-healing for ONESELF and their FAMILY ?

• Self Ruqya Diagnose
• Ruqyah Programme for Patients
• Daily Athkar (DUA'S) Morning
• Daily Athkar (DUA'S) Evening
• 7 Day Ruqyah Detox Programme
• Ruqyah Treatment Evil Eye Ayn and Envy Hasad
• Ruqya Bath
• Herbal Remedies from the Sunnah
• What is Hijama
• Closing Windows and Doors at Night
• Simple Things to Protect Yourself from the Shaytaan
• Ruqya Treatment by a Raaqi
• A response to those who defend taweez
• Dealing with Waswasah

Ruqyah - Spiritual Healing

Ruqyah is commonly translated in English as "incantation" which carries a negative meaning, since the word incantation is usually associated with magic, spells, and witchcraft. However, Ruqyah in Islam is the recitation of Qur'an, seeking of refuge, remembrance and supplications that are used as a means of treating sicknesses and other problems.)

The greatest benefit of ‘Listening of Quran’ has been highlighted in the Quran itself in which our Rabb says

“When the Qur’an is read, listen to it with attention, and hold your peace: that you may receive Mercy.” [Al-Araf 7:204],

furthermore the virtues of ‘Listening of Quran’ are also highlighted in the following hadith in which our Prophet SAW says

“He who listens to even a single aayat (being recited by another) obtains such a virtue which perpetually multiplies (it increases in thawaab continuously). The one who recited the aayaat will on the Day of Qiyaamah find the recited aayat in the form of a Noor (which will be of greater value and significance than the virtue which accrued to the one who had listened to the recitation.)” (Ahmad)

Conclusion: One who listens to the recitation of Quran not only receives Allah’s Mercy and Peace but also receives virtues that multiply.

*** May Allah accept our Good Deed and forgive our sins
• May Allah Grant Jannat ul Firdous(Paradise) Ameen. *****

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