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 S.P. EMF meter Pro 4.4


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This is a complete set of tools for paranormal investigation. What you get:
-EMF meter in mG (numeric values,visual lights, info text and alert sound for high readings).
-Entity Hunter Radar (triangulates the EMF readings giving you the position of the anomaly pointing at it).
-Mini Ghost Box (scans reversed audio banks based on EMF readings if magnetic sensor is available or without sensor scans randomly) with video record option.
-Trigger music.
-Quick light button.
-Proximity sensor (if a presence is detected near frontal camera sensor an alarm will warn you and you will see a red light).
-4 Skins to choose.
- Pressure readings in kPa (only for devices with barometer sensor).
Please try EMF meter free before purchasing this app to make sure all works because some devices including newest lack magnetic compass sensor built in. Remeber to uninstall free version before intalling Pro version to avoid conflicts.
Privacy policy: When you push Prox. button the app need to access your device frontal camera to use the sensor for proximity alert feature not to take any picture or video. You can see our Privacy policy clicking in the link below.
Disclaimer: Nobody can to guarantee spirit communication with any ITC tool. This app is based in our own theories and research of the paranormal field.
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