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Today was the day you really needed your wallet and hey! You left it at home. You have to buy several things and pay for that meal pending. Luckily you didn’t leave your mobile behind and can continue with your plans if you have Sabadell Wallet: the app that lets you pay with your mobile and send and request money from your contacts… and much more!
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1. Paying with a mobile phone
Discover how handy it is to pay with your mobile, without having to use your physical cards or even opening the app! It’s as easy as indicating which card to use to pay and placing your phone near the PoS terminal. Wait a couple of seconds until you hear the beep that confirms the purchase and that’s it! You can use Sabadell Wallet at any store that accepts contactless payments.

2. Sending or requesting money from your contacts.
Splitting a meal bill, asking for a contribution for a gift or sharing travel costs with friends are situations you encounter in your day-to-day life. With Sabadell Wallet, you can handle them easily. With Bizum you can send and request money from your contacts in your smartphone or any mobile number. You can also:
• Send multiple remittances and requests to your contacts or a mobile number.
• Check your remittances sent and received
• Accept or reject requests pending

3. The app for your cards
Manage all your cards via the application. Whenever and wherever you want!
• Check how much you’ve spent on your cards and all the payments you’ve made.
• Need to extend your credit limit? Just apply via the app.
• Send money to anyone to withdraw it from an ATM.
• Customise your card use to, for example limit your spending on Internet purchases or abroad.
• Lost or had your card stolen? Block it immediately using Sabadell Wallet.
• This month you have a load of expenses and want to split the payments (of €100 or more). Check the receipt and customise your payments of €100 or more. To receive the receipts you need to activate card alerts using the Banco Sabadell app.

4. Identify yourself with your fingerprint
You can open the app using your fingerprint; no need to enter your password if your device is iOS or Android with a version of 6 or higher.

5. Get cash from an ATM without a card!
This service is called Instant Money and it allows you or anyone you want to withdraw cash from Banco Sabadell ATMs by entering a code received on a phone you have indicated via SMS.

6. Lost or forgotten your password?
Don’t worry. Use the application to recover it. No need to go to the bank and it only takes a couple of minutes!
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