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Safe Lagoon: 360° Online Family Protection

SafeLagoon protects your children online around the clock and helps you manage the screentime your kids spend on their tablets and smart phones.

Free safe web surfing filtering protects your kids from viewing inappropriate sites while our app working in Parental mode lets you monitor all your children's activity, screen time, app usage, location and photos and videos from anywhere!

Are your kids spending too much time on their tablet or phone?
✓ Safe Lagoon lets you manage excessive Screen Time by allowing you to set time limits on apps you want to restrict or the entire device itself.

Are they getting enough sleep?
✓Block all apps at night: healthy schedules can do wonders for children – lights out means lights out!

How are they using their device at school?
✓Full control and monitoring, block games but allow educational apps during school hours.

Are they where they should be?
✓Set up Places on a map and receive notifications when your child enters or leaves those areas.

Are they being bullied?
✓The ability to easily monitor SMS text, IMs, and social messages allows you to see if your child is the victim of cyberbullying or being exposed to bad influences.

You are back in control of bedtime, dinnertime study time and family time throughout the day. Receive text alerts on priority events and regular email reports.

See Photos and Videos:
The Safe Lagoon Gallery service lets you review the last 30 days of photos and videos saved to your child’s device. This is especially useful for capturing sexting images that may be sent through apps such as Snapchat.

Find your Child on demand
Safe Lagoon GPS Tracker and family locator provides you real time location information of your child's device and keeps you updated on their movements.

Healthy Time Management
Safe Lagoon lets you simply schedule screen time for your children with our easy interface.

Keep track of how long your child is spending on YouTube or use with YouTube Kids
Allow educational apps during school hours such as Khan Academy, ClassDojo, Quizlet & 🚀 Quick Brain

Instant Messaging Monitoring
Safe Lagoon uses a unique method for monitoring your child's IM conversations the most popular messengers: WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook & more.

Block Dangerous Websites
Safe Lagoon is always on and working to block dangerous Internet sites on your child’s tablet or mobile phone.

Safe Social Networking
Safe Lagoon helps you monitor your kid's social network activities and provides you information on their interactions.

Instant Notifications
Safe Lagoon alerts you of suspicious online activities while protecting your children from predators and cyberbullies.

Remote Control
Safe Lagoon's Parental App and SafeCenter web portal allows you to manage your child's online activity. Remotely change their daily limit, bedtime and school time settings. From the palm of your hand!

Safe Lagoon works on Android and iOS
This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

More information can be found at

Safe Lagoon’s premium features put you in direct control of App and Internet usage and allow you to view messages on Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, MMGuardian, Texts, Calls and more.

Safe Lagoon Plus
Safe Lagoon is a free to use parental control app to monitor your family's internet usage for as long as you like. When you first setup Safe Lagoon you get a 7 day free trial of Safe Lagoon Plus which allows you to manage and limit your family's device usage. After your trial, you can continue to use the Safe Lagoon parental control app with a small monthly subscription:

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