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 Saga of the Elves Queen 1.1

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Immerse yourself in a fantasy world inhabited by various incredible creatures - elves, centaurs, monsters, orcs, griffins, anthropomorphic animals and many others! You have to get into the kingdom, captured by the evil sorcerer monstrous view, and return it to the inhabitants of freedom! Act as the brave elf warrior and clear your way with a sword and shield! You are waiting for stunning and picturesque locations, dangerous traps, constantly changing weather conditions (by the way, they directly affect the gameplay), intricate zelda puzzles and sharp plot twists. Start the fight for the freedom of your kingdom!

The action takes place in one magical kingdom of elves, whose inhabitants are the classic heroes of fantasy. For centuries, peace and order reigned there, but once there a powerful evil sorcerer invaded with his army of monsters. The army of the kingdom carefully resisted, but everything was in vain - the enemy was superior to their the number and magical might. The sorcerer won the war and seized power in the kingdom, having interrupted almost the entire army of the forces of good. But the princess of the elves, herself a powerful sorceress, manages to plunge into an enchanted dream and hide in the safe place the most powerful elven warrior who, as the princess hoped, will be able to gain strength after awakening and return to the inhabitants of the kingdom. The princess herself is sent into exile, realizing that at this stage she can not overcome the evil sorcerer. After many years, the elven warrior wakes up, bewildered to find his kingdom in a terrible state. The Princess introduces him into the course of the matter, and the brave elf instantly understands everything. Its purpose is to get into the castle of the evil tyrant, defeat him and free his homeland!

The gameplay seems pretty straightforward. Your hero is armed with a shield and a sword, and with their help can attack and fight off the numerous enemies encountered on the way. But in fact you will have to make a lot of effort to achieve success in your dangerous campaign! Each type of enemy must be attacked in different ways. You can get rid of some with a simple sword, the second must be attacked several times, the third can not be defeated by force, and you need to be cunningly lured to the abyss or to falling stones. Sometimes you even have to use magic - your hero is capable of it, but it requires special efforts and concentration from him. In addition to enemies, natural obstacles like precipices, turbulent rivers, thunderstorms and other unpleasant natural phenomena are waiting for you. Overcome all these difficulties with honor - and then you can definitely free your kingdom!

Join the fight against evil and return freedom to your fantastic kingdom!
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