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 SalesRobot for Box+Commercial 2.0

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This SalesRobot is for packaging printing and commercial printing.

Some printers are willing to spend a lot to purchase modern, automated and famous brand machines, wishing that they could bring them a lot of business. With all these machines, they also want to manifest running a smart factory according to Industry 4.0. Will this happen in reality or is it just a wishful thinking?

Having these machines, there is no doubt that printers have a lot of production capacity, however, to power up their sales force to increase sales volume are always undermined. Without sufficient orders, these machines could not be run 724 and the expected smart factory is only a castle in the air.

SalesRobot for Printing reforms your sales strategy:
1. seize the printing bespoke market, such as packaging, rigid box, commercial printing, book etc
2. make use of the global APP platform, one smart phone is one storefront, 10 million smart phones are 10 million storefronts
3. deploy printing expertise to SalesRobot, manage and update databases on your own
4. confirm quotations and place printing orders with ease, manifest non-stop intake of order to grow your business continuously
5. link SalesRobot with your production to manifest running a smart factory according to Industry 4.0 that fulfill your long waiting vision

SalesRobot is capable to
1. minimize the turnaround time for sending out quotations
2. formulate logically the best production planning
3. derive the quote (including profit) within 1 minute no matter how complex the specification is
4. shoulder bespoke printing services
5. respond to customers’ RFQ in a flash
6. increase number of quotation drastically and thus increase successful sales
7. interact with both local and overseas customers
8. reduce the unit cost of producing a quotation
9. receive orders placed by customers
10. receive payment proofs sent by customers
11. receive PDF files sent by customers for printing
12. inform customers about the job status
13. secure the profit of each order
14. work around the clock

Do not consider the printing industry is going to vanish, do contact us to launch your tailor-made SalesRobot so that you could gain competitive advantages.
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