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The explosion of knowledge and information is unleashing tremendous changes on the world. Relationships between nations and societies are changing in ways that would have been unimaginable earlier. The spread of non-holistic ideas over the last few centuries has shown how they can mar peace and progress.

A country’s capacity to collate information and propagate ideas is the biggest determinant of the influence it exercises on the world. Bharat has a rich legacy of holistic thought and also a long tradition of offering rare insights to the world. Holistic ideas springing from deep contemplation of our Rishis encouraged and inspired the work of great philosophers and scientists across the world.

To address the current global turmoil which springs from atomistic and mechanistic thinking, Bharat has to revive its ancient holistic wisdom and the ability to contribute new insights and remedies to the world. It has to rise again, not merely in material might but also in spiritual strength, in order to redress the complex problems that face the contemporary world.

Convinced about this historic mission of Bharat, the Samachara Bharati Cultural Association (Samachara Bharati) was founded , in 1998, to facilitate ideation, to construct a correct national narrative, to propagate positive ideas, and to combat inaccurate analysis and propaganda about our nation and its heritage. It works in all segments of society that influence public opinion and trains youth who are committed to positive change.
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