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Our dream through this app is to save thousands of lives and humans that die from Obesity and also prevent occurrence the many diseases and dangers that possible occurred for thousands of people around the world for the same reason Add to a low activity such cardiovascular disease, mainly heart disease and stroke, diabetes, breast, colon and endometrial cancers, since 2.7 million death are attributable to unhealthy diet such as diets low in fruits and vegetables, furthermore, 1.9 million deaths are attributable to physical inactivity. At least 60% of the global population does not achieve the minimum recommendation of 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity daily.

Sampateek is very useful mobile app especially when it comes to our health and lifestyle, it gives us a great opportunity to live better and more activity by giving you the necessary information that is essential to achieve your weight goals whether loss, gain or maintenance without controlling your life as similar apps in the same field, eat and drink what you want but within the number of calories set for you in proportion to you via healthy and scientific approach. It is not only the fastest calories counter app on the market, but the most beautiful as well.

Really Sampateek has elements and features that make it the best among mobile apps in the store starting from give a summary about your ideal weight and your BMI (Body mass index) through which together gives you an accurate indicator for you current weight whether you are fat or thin and encourage you to meet the ideal weight by following daily flexible instructions and tips that are sent to you as daily basis as well. Drinking water in sufficient quantities is the most important reason for having perfect weight, therefore Sampateek determines the required quantity and count them for you throughout the day.

When you know a healthy and useful meals that contain a few calories and eat more of them at the same time when you know an unhealthy meals that contain high calories, you avoid them, at that time you have the key of health and ideal weight and easy to search them In a comprehensive list contains the majority of food types, whether popular Arabic food or foreign food and this feature is characterized our app this is exactly what Sampateek gives you. It also displays our app the different types of modern diets in all its details day by day , not only this, but also takes into account the different circumstances, our app puts in their hands the necessary information that they must follow to reach a healthy diet suitable for them and their health status and circumstances as well.

The high professionality and skills is evident in the way app is designed beginning of the logo which indicates the health through the green color and agility at the same time through the design way Sampateek word. The user interface is very easy and straightforward and does not need any effort or trouble to deal with, all of the above were selected carefully and high accuracy to come out this application in this wonderful form. It also contains lists of sub-menus and checkboxes to easy select among options to enable users from select without effort and high accurate and a fast-moving. The project is based on the exact suggested needs of such an application and the objectives to run a successful and achieving its goals

We hope you'll love Sampateek. We strive to make the app the world’s most effective diet and weight loss program to help you lose weight, gain weight or just live a healthy lifestyle. We are constantly working to improve the app so there's plenty more goodies to come.
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