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Full version allows for 2 free, powerfull Reiki sessions a week at master level. This is the full version of our free app: Free Reiki Sessions you can also find at google play.
The differences between the full and free version are the following:

Full has no advertising
Personalized 30 minutes Reiki sessions
Up to 2 free sessions a week
Direct contact with the Sansen Reiki HQ
Special information and access to courses with a discount

Sansen Reiki Ryoho offers this free app for all distance and personal reiki sessions. You can request free sessions through the app. All free Reiki sessions are conducted by masters of the Sansen Reiki Ryoho. We have weekly free sessions.

Masters and practitioners can use the app for distance reiki as we included a reiki box. Masters can also apply for the master reiki group where we give a special reiki session worldwide to special causes.

What kind of Reiki treatments do we offer?

Reiki for Cancer
Reiki for Heart disease
Reiki for Anxiety
Reiki for Depression
Reiki for Chronic pain
Reiki for Infertility
Reiki for Neurodegenerative disorders
Reiki for ADD/ADHD
Reiki for Autism/developmental delays

Reiki for Crohn’s Disease
Reiki for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Reiki for Traumatic brain injury
Reiki for Emotional illness, including mild psychosis
Reiki for Fatigue syndromes
EReiki for nd-of-life care and bereavement

Reiki for Relaxation
Reiki for Pain management
Reiki for Reduced anxiety
Reiki for Reduced depression
Reiki for Improved sleep
Reiki for Improved digestion
Reiki for Enhanced well-being
Reiki for Stronger self-esteem
Reiki for Support for substance abuse recovery
Reiki for Accelerated surgical recovery
Reiki for Reduced side effects from radiation, chemotherapy and Rx meds
Reiki for Greater self awareness
Reiki for Greater ease and satisfaction in relationship
Reiki for Heightened intuition
Reiki for marriage and wedding
Reiki for Students
Reiki for Job interviews

Sansen Reiki Ryoho or the school of Reiki Healing of the 3 rivers is a new/old Reiki system that uses the Amatsu Tatara Hibumi scrolls as base for the reiki healing practices used by the school together with more modern Reiki techniques. As for history on the Amatsu Tatara scrolls:

According to the tradition, the Amatsu Tatara Hibumi were written around 700 BC by the King of Mima as a record of the history of Japan. Tatara Isuzu Hime no Mikoto was given these Scrolls as its 9th grandmaster. She then married the first emperor Jinmu and gave these scrolls to the Ohtoomo, Nakatomi, and Mononobe families who had close ties to the Emperor.


The mon, or family symbol of Sansen Reiki is made up of several important pieces teaching some of the bases of the system.

First of all the name: Sansen Reiki Ryoho, means the 3 rivers spiritual healing. The central symbol is the kanji used for “River” but it’s secret meaning is to live life in a very special way like the river with our feelings, acts and toughts going in the same way , flowing like a river.

Surrounding the central symbol are 5 kanji to be found, meaning Chi, Sui, Ka, Fu, Ku, (earth, water, fire, wind and void) which are the base of our healing therapies.

The bottom phrase is the main credo for every Sansen Reiki Master: Shin Gi Tai Ichi, meaning: Spirit, Mind and Body as one

There are several hidden meaning contained in the mon which are revealed to the students at the corresponding levels.

Sansen Reiki uses roughly the same methodology to teach Reiki as is Usui Reiki Ryoho , but there is much more to it. Many more ways to use the Reiki energy are tought to the students, making them true “Onmyoji” masters.

The Levels at Sansen Reiki Ryoho are:

Level 1 : Shoden – Cho Ku Rei
Level 2 : Chuden – Sei He Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
Level 3 : Okuden – Jun Shihan (master)
Level 4 : Menkyo – Shihan (master/teacher)
Level 5 : Menkyo Kaiden – Shihan Cho (master of masters)
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