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SatFinder Professional Detector (Satellite Finder) Azimuth is a tool that will help you prepare a satellite dish. It will give you azimuth, a satellite elevation professional manager and a propensity for your website (based on GOS) and satellite selection from the list. The result is shown both as digital data and charts on Google Maps. It has also built in compass which will help you Azimuth professional azimuth manager to find appropriate azimuth satellites. An enhanced reality can also be used to show a professional satellite manager where the satellite is on a camera display tool.

# The tool to find a TV or antenna, in azimuth, can be very difficult. Before you can find it with your compass you have to do some calculations using the GOS website, a professional satellite magnetic divergence manager, a compass azimuth and a satellite azimuth.
The professional satellite manager supersedes it all. See professional satellite manager tips for success below.

# The SatFinder Compass tool only works on a professional satellite satellite azimuth sensor with Compass Sensor Professional Satellite Manager (MAGNETIC).

# How to use this application SatFinder compass tool: professional azimuth satellite manager

(1). First of all, you must enable gos and internet on your phone as a professional satellite manager. Remember - in most cases it is impossible to get an indoor gas signal. So if you want to get a very thorough location compass tool for the SatFinder - please go near the windows or even go outside.

In the current application the copy of the Stepper tool compass site should be found immediately immediately. Even if you are stuck with the "No Location" message, please make sure you have enabled all the required features / permissions of the Stepper Compass tool.

(2). If your application finds your location, you must determine the required satellite azimuth. To do this you must find the icon with the glass zoom and tap it. On the menu you will find all the satellites with an elevation angle above zero degree of the SatFinder tool. Remember: The satellite name does not affect the angle calculation. The important thing is the satellite position.

(3). The azimuth angle, elevation, angle of deviation of the location and selected satellite are calculated. Under calculated values ​​there is a compass with a graphical representation of azimuth angle. The azimuth angle is calculated with the professional tilt magnetic satellite director. Remember - every time you use a compass - you must calibrate it. Green line manager professional azimuth line azimuth your phone. So if the compass on the green and red indicators are on each professional satellite director the front of the phone should show you the direction to the satellite. If the value of the compass is correct - the value of the azimuth phone will go green saftender tool.

(3) Tips for success: Director of professional azimuth satellite

-1- Do not go to close the stepper tool compass to the iron plate, iron to the arm pin or iron pole (maintain at least 30 cm distance)
-2- Calibrate the Compass Manager of the professional satellite phone azimuth by waving in figure 8 before it begins
-3- Optional: Calibrate the compass tool Satfinder Compass from the phone The Stefinder tool by rolling your phone along its axis about 2-3 turns (works on some phones)
Dish supports:
Intelsat, Inmarsat, Tianlian, Eutelsat, Amk, Satfinder Loch, Cosmos, Optus, Abster, Compass, Superbird, Baidu, Gats, Chinasat, Satfinder, Palapa, Compass, Satfinder, Compass, Finasat, Zhongsing, Coms, Fengyun TASRS, KAZSAT, RADUGA, Horizons, GSAT, ESIAFI, COMPASS, TELSTAR, ELEKTRO, TEXAS, TELECOM, INDOSTAR, KOREASAT, N-SAT, BSAT, ASTRA, NSS, SES, ASIASTAR Professional satellite manager Calpana, LEASAT, RADUGA-1M, GALAXY, METEOSAT, BONUM, DIRECTV, DP, SKYNET, Compass, SAT, SIRIUS, Syracuse, satfinder, SATCOM, MSAT , Higgs, Sail.
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