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 Secret Agent Mafia Battle 1.5

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Secret Agent Mafia Battle allows you to play the super secret spy undercover as a gang boss entering in the new city to make his own place. You are a great spy and the best in the undercover game in the whole world and you have now been tasked to eliminate the gangwars, gang bosses, smugglers, lords of the crime syndicate by becoming one of them and then eliminating the main boss and becoming the real king pin of the city. Secret Agent Mafia Battle would give you the option to kill, shoot and eliminate the corrupt criminal elements. It has been happening in many years in the city that criminals started ruling it with their thugs, gangs and killers. The government has been struggling to get a hold on these criminal activities and now they have asked you to step in as a super spy and deal with these gang bosses and mafia and smugglers. Secret Agent Mafia Battle takes you through the mission filled journey of a spy to go under cover and beat the bad guys at their own game. Secret Agent Mafia Battle would see you win in this war of blood and weapons where there will be lots of missions, shoot & kill style. Your job in Secret Agent Mafia Battle is simple, restore the law & order and peace in the city.

You are an accomplished spy and have served your country well over the years. Your areas of expertise include going dark in criminal gangs and make your way to the top and eliminate the criminal elements, gangwars, smuggling rings, mafia bosses and other criminal elements. When you were tasked with cleaning the city you grew up in you accepted the challenge and returned to your city as a disguised under cover gang mafia boss. You assembled your crew to look like a real mafia boss and it gave you the crew to order kills from other gang members. Your ultimate job is to eliminate the main mafia boss and becoming the only gangwar leader, mafia boss to rule the city and then you will break the complete criminal circle of the city and bring back peace and restore law & order.

Secret Agent Mafia Battle comes loaded with many features:

√ Awesome and realistic 3D city environment
√ Combat Tools to fight enemies
√ Great and intuitive user experience for the real don hitman
√ High quality graphics and animations
√ Great fighting using guns and other arms
√ Thrilling missions
√ Super fun to play
√ Excellent game plot
√ Shoot, Kill, Chase, Run and Escape all in one game
√ It’s FREE!!
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