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AppLock is one of the lightest and best application lock on Play Store. Protect your application and games with pin lock, pattern lock or finger lock with beautiful background images.

—> Don’t worry about friends borrows your phone to play games with mobile data again!
—> Don’t worry about your batter half gets your phone to look the chats again!
—> Don’t worry about kids mess up calls, send wrong messages, playing games again!

Complete applocker for any app from all aspect

1) Why do we called it as complete applocker?
☞ Applock provides security to application or game from all corners.
☞ It provides pin lock, pattern lock and fingerprint lock over application and game
☞ Applock supports notification lock also, so you don’t have to worry about to read any personal message or professional message by others
☞ Collection to images in category wise, so you can make lock background more amazing and attractive as per your choice
☞ App is also providing option to set your custom background for lock screen from gallery and capture via camera
☞ Applock supports secret snap feature, which takes images of any intruders who tried to open applock without your permission.
☞ Using this app, your application will be full secure and safe from others.
☞ It also supports many features like

--- Features ---
• Having easy on/off switch for locking any apps.
• Provides security Wifi lock & Bluetooth lock
• Invisible pattern lock.
• Custom setting for enable disable features.
• Provides security Google Play to prevent buy games
• Main it is free for all and it will be.
• Support passcode and pattern code recovery option via security email.
• Easy to switch from pin lock to pattern lock and vice versa
• Easy option to change pin code and pattern code

--- Steps to get enter into App ---
Set passcode at first time and set recovery email address in App.
Recovery email address will help you to store your passcode in your email, which will help you to remember when you forget your pass code.

1) How to change password?
Open Lock, Setting, Change Password.

2) How to change lock type ?
Go to Lock, Setting, Change Lock style and Choose one you prefer,

3) How to check intruder’s selfie ?
This feature takes selfies automatically, who try to unlock your phone without permission.
It also provides details of app which person tried to open.
To access those images,
Open Lock, Secret Snaps.

4) How to enable fingerprint unlock?
Open Lock, Setting, enable finger print lock. To enable this setting You will need to add at least one fingerprint from your system setting. So, you don’t have to register new finger print for unlocking applock, We will take your default registered finger print for unlocking application or games

5) What is notification lock? How to enable it?
Notification lock is one type of security on notification messages, like an example, if you have apply lock on any social networking app. After that whenever notification will come to that locked application, then that message will not displayed directly to any user on notification bar. It will be changed via this app.
You can enable it, by open app, and open notification lock. For enabling it you must have to give notification access to Applock.

Feel free to send your feedback to us regarding Applock. !
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