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Secure Your Fertility, gives valuable information about the number of eggs remaining and is thought to reflect egg supply or “ovarian reserve”. This declines and not every woman is born with the same number of eggs or loses them at the same rate.

A MOTHER SOMEDAY…JUST NOT TODAY. Fertility is a genetically predetermined situation and starts to decrease in your 20's and the decline accelerates during your 30s. The most important thing for eggs is time. Ovarian aging occurs before women notice any changes to their menstrual cycles. What time is it on your biological clock right now and how much battery life do you have left? Gain freedom to extend the battery life of your biological clock and turn it back, to some extent.

Information is empowering. Unlike some hormones, the AMH blood hormone doesn’t fluctuate from month to month and can be taken on any day of a woman’s cycle. It’s a useful tool to educate a woman on their personal fertility status. It could change your life, if you know what it is. AMH is produced by granulosa cells which surround each egg and blood levels are thought to reflect the size of the remaining egg supply, “ovarian reserve”. No one can predict exactly when your eggs will run out and there is no exact in medicine. But when you are deliberate in delaying becoming a mom, this test can be resourceful for women seeking to optimize fertility and put specifics together for what matters most now and later.
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