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SEHVAUNTINT: the LIFESTYLE everyone shall embrace

BE REMARKABLY YOU! That is our SEHVAUNTINT Lifestyle. Sehvauntint is derived from 2 words: SEHVAUN and TINT; which in literal means seven (7) and colour respectively. SEHVAUNTINT represents 7-lines-of-businesses that will be launched every few years. Luxurious bedding-set being the premier among other upcoming sisterlines.

Dream big and achieve ‘em. Live your life to the fullest and leave no room for regrets. Take the first step: it all starts with SEHVAUNTINT. Let’s set sail, enjoy the journey and see you at the TOP! YOUR FUTURE IS NOW.
Bored with your status quo? Or simply wondering how to improve and enhance yourself? and finally be the best version of yourself?

Well.. life is all about learning. With SEHVAUNTINT, you can maximize your potential, building your career - fulfilling your calling - setting and designing your future while having a ton of fun along the way. Of course, one needs an active social life, so HANG OUT with your friends but be PRODUCTIVE. Discover how to reach your potential here and we welcome you on board.

Take charge of yourself today because every success has a starting point. IT MUST START with YOU. This is just the beginning! So, stay tuned for more exciting lines coming.

Lastly, have your SEHVAUNTINT lifestyle. “Life with a style”

YOUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HAND. And the best is yet to come.
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