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 Sexy Lights 3.2

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"THE SIMPLE MOMENTS ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS TO US, and so does other simple things..."

so after a lot of effort you can now enjoy our new simple kind of applications from ABL-Savage, and add some fun and colors to your life.

This Application is intended to supply a wide solution and including capabilities of a mobile phones in our days.

Basic operations:
To supply innovative and impressive display of colorful lights, accompanied by various effects and stimulation of several senses (not just sight) on which you, the user, can control and be involved by change various settings that this application have.

Beyond this basic operation, the app brings innovative and convenient graphical interface, created to make it easier for the user and to provide the tools to change the settings and operation of the application, and gives the user the opportunity and the feeling that he can influences the outcome of the application and its products, and create your own animation:
Such as using Settings and Advanced Settings, and by maintaining the colors(in the color arrays) and the way they change visually, with different resolutions supported, with the option to choose a flashlight and sound in the time that lights is displaying, and even save the display of the switching\replacing colors (which depends on the choice of the settings), which allows to take this saved “Jeff”\”gif” file and to share it(not from within this application) using different systems that support its view\displaying (such as different supported browsers and even messages), which can provide, on a TV or a large computer screen, beautiful lighting\displaying of lights, for the garden, the yard, the bedroom, on a bar when its dark or in the living room as a decoration and more ..

User can stop the Displaying lights operation remotely by using the “double-clapping” functionality.

The way to choose the colors, deleting and organized\ordered them is also convenient, and you can save them in a color arrays to keep them reusable.

It is advisable to close all other applications activity for larger memory and faster performance!!!
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