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SGFiles solves comfortably the problem of the message that goes out for us in the mobile periodically: " LITTLE SPACE OF STORAGE ". Liberate space.

Or it provides comfort to us at the moment of treating our files: IMAGES, etc, erasing or moving. As well as to move to the Card SD (external memory; microSD). Instead of being entering 10 folders and managing, with SGFiles it assembles in the alone one all the files to manage them easier (I marry To move). Or we eliminate in few clicks it of these 10 folders. Winning time in both cases.

SGFiles has the necessary interface TO CREATE TASKS that facilitate the labor to us.

What is a "TASK"?:

A task can be a folder where we receive constant PHOTOS ó VIDEOES ó GIFS ó DOCUMENTS, etc.

If we have 4 folders (PHOTOS, VIDEOES, GIFS, DOCUMENTS), we will create 4 tasks, for example.

To create a task is very simple:
Go to the eyelash TO CREATE.
1.-Put a Name: Images or Videoes, etc.
2.-To choose an Origin: to erase (in this case to mark the button To erase) or to move.
3.-To choose a Destination: to where we want to move.
4.-To give in Creating task. ONCE CREATED THE TASKS (free version only 1 task, version pro (SGFilesPro): we eliminate the limit), ONLY IT IS NECESSARY TO GO TO THE EYELASH LIBERATE, to make it manual or To programming (To programme to move automatically: only available in the version pro) in order that it is realized without our intervention once we have programmed it. For safety, the paragraph of Programming only will be able to move files.

1.-To manage tasks. The created tasks are seen in this paragraph, where we can edit to modify or to erase the task.
2.-It Copies of tasks. Give in the paragraph of Copy of tasks in Doing safety copy. This copy Storage guards in the internal Storage in the folder interno/SGFiles/com.sgfiles.sergad.backup/
3.-Usefulness. - Files - - Images - - Videoes. - - Audio - - To see space of storage - - included applications To show system - - Adjustments of the application-. BEGINNING - Usefulness. To have it accessible in the same space, without having to look for it for the mobile. The 3 last ones only available in SGFilesPro.
4.-Instructions. If it has some doubt it can consult this paragraph.
5.-Cloud. I access to different applications that allow storage in the cloud. The only aim is to have it more to hand.
6. - To programme. Once it has created all his tasks, mark the día/s that he wishes and the hour and later it gives in Guarding automatic task. SGFiles reads the tasks created with the Origin and the Destination and moves the files of automatic form without the user should worry nor be hanging. Only available in SGFilesPro.

Only it must put a name. To choose an Origin and a Destination.
The first time, after giving in Origin, probably should pulsate in 3 points that exist above to the right of the window that goes out for him and to give in showing internal Storage or Card SD.
Pulsate then in 3 lines that exist above to the left side and to select internal Storage or Card SD.
Between in the folder wherefrom It wants To erase or To move files and of in SELECTING, that is below to right hand.
If only it is To erase, later mark the button To erase and give in CREATING TASK.
If it is a task of Moving, pulsate in Destination, select internal Storage or Card SD, between in the folder where it wants to move the files, and with the button To move marked, pulsate in CREATING TASK.


SGFiles. Developed for devices Android.
Enjoyment of the application.
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