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Your All-in-One tool for managing employees’ shifts, attendance, and payroll. Stop using paper and EXCEL. Start Shiftee.

Shiftee has been well-received by stores and businesses around the world, including Korea, Australia and Canada. We provide software that allows businesses to perform employee scheduling, timeclock and payroll more easily and efficiently.

► Customer Review
“I used to let staff write their own shifts on a calendar. This app shares the schedule calendar automatically and I can manage everything!” - review by c***jl
"Thank you for making this app for small business owners like me. This app is an essential” - review by 유*성
"I came across this app and this is what I’ve been looking for. Really. I will be using Shiftee from now on. This is so convenient.” - email by 이*영

►About Shiftee Mobile
Shiftee mobile offers essential features of Shiftee Web Admin which can be accessed by managements (Owner/Manager/Superisor Access Levels). Through Shiftee mobile, managements can add/edit/delete shifts and attendances; and manage employees. On the other hand, staff can view shifts and clock-in/out at the store.
Shiftee offers one app that caters to different access levels. Whether you are a manager, supervisor or staff, you only can use the features that are designed for your access level.
e.g. When a staff logs-in, he/she can only view shifts and clock-in. Managing privilege is restricted.

► Main Features
◆ Shift Scheduler
• Schedule shifts for all your employees. We will share it for you, in real-time.
• Employees will get notified for shifts ahead of time.
• Try our Web Admin on your desktop to use more convenient features with larger screen. (

◆ Timeclock Attendance
• Your employees only need smartphones to clock-in and out. Management can edit and maintain timesheet on the go.
• Clocking-in/out is restricted to your WiFi network so your employees cannot record attendance unless they’re in your store and connected to the WiFi.
• Check who is “Now At Work” on dashboard (status: work, break, late, and early clock-out, etc)
• You will get notified on your employees’ clock-in/out and late-for-shift as they happen.
• Use Web Admin to manage attendances (add/edit/delete) and export to EXCEL.

◆ Process Payroll, Automatically
• Set up hourly wage of an employee. We’ll do the rest for you.
• Export payroll to EXCEL and you can freely tweak to produce your own analysis.

► Get Started (Using desktop Web Admin recommended)
[1] Download
[2] Sign-up and Log-in
[3] Create new company + set-up a location
(After setting up a location, we recommend using Shiftee mobile to register WiFi)
[4] Create Positions
[5] Create employees: enter their email or phone number and save, we’ll email or text the employee an invitation
[6] Let your employee download Shiftee, sign-up, and log-in. Click-on ‘Join Company’ to enter the invite code sent via email or sms. The employee can now clock-in/out at the assigned location(s)

► What Differentiates Shiftee?
Check out ‘Help’ on Shiftee website.

◆ Assign Multiple Locations:
You can assign more than one location to an employee who works at multiple stores of yours. He/she can clock-in/out at the locations you assigned.

◆ Access Level Privileges: (Owner / Manager / Supervisor / Staff)
There are two more access levels between Owner and Staff. You can assign middle managers and divide workloads.

◆ ‘Approve’ Shifts or Attendances:
Owner and Managers can approve shifts and attendances which basically turns them read-only. In order to edit or delete, Owner or a Manager has to ‘Unapprove’ the shift or attendance. Supervisors cannot approve or unapprove.

► Shiftee listens to you. Ask us anything at [+82-0507-1407-5318] or []
Tell us whichever feature you feel you need or any improvements of our service. We will take extra steps to help you. Please visit FAQ on our website to find out other frequently asked questions.

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