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Do you find yourself tired most mornings? Or tossing and turning in bed not being able to fall asleep? Get Shleep – the world’s first coaching sleep app developed by a team of sleep scientists. Shleep is your pocket sleep coach to help you improve your sleep in less than 5 minutes a day!
Shleep will help improve your sleep:
• Not sleeping enough? We’ll coach you how to get the sleep you need
• Having trouble falling or staying asleep? We’ll give you some immediately implementable exercises to stay asleep through the whole night
• Browsing your social media late in the evening? Maybe it’s time to put your tech away, we’ll help you!
• Your alarm constantly interrupting your mornings? Try the stop snoozing challenge!
• Constantly stressed and on the go? Learn how to unwind at night and how it will help your sleep
Shleep will help you build habits and routines in just 5 minutes a day. You will build healthy sleep habits and improve your sleep.
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