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SHOLAWAT 1 play sholawat song make our soul calm and remember to good god bless.
Titles of sholawat:
1. Ya Rashulallah - sholawat song
2. Asma Ul Husna - 99 good names of god Allah - sholawat song
3. Sholawat badar - sholawat song
4. Ya Nabi Salam 'Alaika - sholawat song
5. Taubat Nasuha - sholawat song


Etymologically shalawat is the plural of the singular Salah (الصلاة) which means prayer (see: Al-Mu'jamul Wasith). In terminological shalawat have some notion as follows:

1. God's blessings on the man who means to give grace as in Sura Al-Ahzab 33:43.
2. Shalawat of angels to the Muslims (believers) a meaningful petition for pardon malaikut Muslims.
3. Shalawat of a Muslim to another Muslim prayer meaningful as in Sura At-Tawbah 9:103.
4. From the human to the divine blessings on significant special worship to God in time and in a certain way according to Islamic as in Sura Al-Kautsar 108:2.
5. Shalawat, the meaning is praise, blessing, prayer and forgiveness are addressed to the Nabi

a) Shalawat from Allah to the Nabi

The Messenger of Allah bershalawat meaning is that God's praise and His mercy to the Nabi. Also means that God gives homage to the Nabi. God's blessings on to show how God's praise of the Prophet, the Messenger of Allah exalt above the other Apostles and Nabi, as well as provide status and place of glory in His sight.

b) Shalawat Angel.

Meaning that the angels pray and beg Allah for forgiveness for his people. The angels also praise Allah with praise that show the majesty and glory of the Messenger of Allah.

c) Shalawat of humans to the Nabi.

When we read for blessings on the Nabi, that we ask God to give proper homage to the Nabi. Not because of Nabi requires prayer of us, but just by reading our blessings on the one who will get the reward from Allah. Benefits and avail sholawat will return to our own.

Ibnu Hajar al-Makki concluded blessings on the following meaning: God's blessings on means of grace, of angels and humans means Mercy prayer or petition to the Nabi Muhammad.
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