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This application is a great source of information regarding the signs and symptoms of pregnancy that manifest in the early stage of pregnancy. It also discusses menstrual period irregularities and how it is related to pregnancy.

In addition, this application contains details about common tests done (at home and in a clinic) to confirm if a woman is positive or negative to pregnancy.

Thanks and may you all have a good understanding of the different aspects of pregnancy, especially its signs of pregnancy and symptoms so you’ll have an idea if you really are pregnant or not.

Signs of Pregnancy is the ultimate guide for the first-time entrepreneur.
Every woman of childbearing age will one-day muse over sudden changes in her body. These will mostly portend that she is pregnant. On the contrary, the signs of menstruation will be those seen with the approach of menstruation.

There is no single signs or symptom of pregnancy which on its own will confirm a pregnancy. A woman looking at the signs and symptoms of pregnancy should base the confirmation upon a set of signs. This is because some signs are also associated with common problems. For example, headaches can be as a result of other problems such as tiredness.

A true confirmation of a pregnancy can only be made by a pregnancy test. The pregnancy test is conducted by checking for pregnancy hormones. The pregnancy test may not be effective in the first few days and weeks of pregnancy when the hormones have not peaked. The very sure way of confirming a pregnancy is through the ultrasound which makes it possible to view the fetus.

So if a woman misses her periods and she suspects that she is pregnant, then these early signs of pregnancy and symptoms should be pointers to the possibility of the pregnancy. These can precede the visit the visit to the doctor or the finding or a pregnancy test kit from the local drug store or pharmacy.

This short, witty guide is a must-read for anyone embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship of signs of pregnancy.
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