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Single girls - travel guide advisor is a guiding star for each girl and women who want to travel alone. A solo trip could be very dangerous, if you are not prepared well and do not have enough information. So, if you are a single girl and plan to travel alone you should download this app. I also love travelling, I am sure that, if you want to get acquainted with new countries and gain self-confidence, you must travel alone. During my life I was travelling alone several times, it doesn't mean that I am a lonely girl, no. I have a big family, but only in the solo trip I get the maximum impression, the wonderful life experience. In such a trip you don't have to care about needs of other people, you are completely free. I am not saying that you should loose your mind and become reckless, no, you have to think about yourself, but on the other side, only you will know what exactly happened on those vacations. Remember a romantic scene from your favourite film, a hot summer evening, sunset and two people on the amazing Hawaii beach. What could be better then such a dating with some handsome man? Yes, this is possible to lose the head, but a single girl must be very careful even in this mega romantic moment. Make sure that this new friend is a good person with good intentions. Remember, that girl travel alone could become an excellent target for a gigolo.
Do not rush to buy a ticket or a tour to the country where you are planning to spent your vacations. First gather as much information as possible and after that you can buy a ticket. Thanks to the internet you can get a plenty of information. Each city and country, same as each person, has its good and bad sides. So, before you reserve your hotel or pay any upfront fee, you must check in what city area it is located. Even romantic Paris or a rigorous London is not perfect. The easiest way to make sure, you are choosing the right area of the city, is to find some people who already live there. Someone who can provide you some information about it in online chat. In video chat you can discuss all your questions very fast, may be, your new friend will give you a few advises which hotel is better.
I bring a lot of experience from my each travel and I want to share my knowledge with you. Single girls - travel guide advisor is my gift for every lonely girl and women who plan to travel alone. I am describing here all my mistakes and the new things I learned. I know exactly what to pack in the suitcase and what is better to leave at home, what places worth to visit and which is better to walk around. I made this online trip guide for you, single girl and women who loves to travel alone. Each independent solo women should download it, as it is a mine of information which will prepare you for your new experience.
If you are going to some exotic country and are a little scared you will need to talk about it with somebody. You can talk with some friend or a random people in video chat and tell about your trip. Many people have so many opinions that a lonely girl which decided to travel alone can get a lot of help.
At the end I want to emphasise that people who are travelling alone have much more fun then people travelling with a big group of people. And the best is if you are a girl travel solo. Don't listen to anybody who say that you are a lonely girl, no, you are not. You are an independent women in a solo trip. Download the app Single girls - travel guide advisor, talk with people in video chat, read advises and have fun!
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